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Twitter Flames Troll for Criticizing Halle Berry – Slim Thug Threatens to Smoke Stalker – Jill Scott Sings Controversial ‘Patriotic’ Anthem & More | PicsVIDEOs

halle berry
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 19: Halle Berry attends Halle Berry In Conversation “Bruised” at 92Y on November 19, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for ABA)

*Social Heat is doing what it do … check out what’s getting people going on Halle Berry‘s internet. Some dusty on Twitter had the unmitigated gall (we’re so excited to use those words in a sentence, we sound all bougie and everything) to come for one of the world’s most beautiful women Halle Berry, 56, because girlie was nekkid drinking a glass of wine on her balcony. We understand she could be a little more modest, but his delivery could have been better; if a person offers criticism, it’s better to use your words to upgrade, not degrade. Check out how Twitter flamed dude regarding his unsolicited comments.

We know the social media operatives work 24/7, and fans unearthed some pictures of Slim Thug took with his supposed stalker. According to Slim, the photos are from outside a club where he often poses with fans, as he pointed out in a post on The Neighborhood Talk IG page. Other messy followers said Slim probably had a brief fling with the lady, and things abruptly ended, causing her to seek more than he was willing to offer. Whatever the reason, the “Knocking On My Door” Houston rapper said if the woman decides to return to his crib, he will end her. “If she comes back to my house, I’m gonna smoke her. So whoever love her keep her the f*** away from me,” according to Sandrarose. Yikes!!!!

Video shows Rep. Justin Jones doing his Black Power strut back into the Tennessee Legislature, much to the chagrin of the salty saltines Republican lawmakers who were mean mugging him as Rep. Gloria Johnson escorted him. As the poet laureate DeeWithDaTea so eloquently put it, “Are you pressed, are you mad, are you upset, are you sad…get out yo’ feelings ho,” which perfectly garnishes the vibe of the moment, ‘We back in this bih.’

As conservatives continue their unholy crusade to abolish CRT, obstructing Black History from being taught in schools and demanding that Black people stand up for the National Anthem despite it supporting slavery. Our good sis Jill Scott wrote a new patriotic anthem when she was 19 that she sang during her “This Is Jill Scott” 23rd-anniversary tour, and we believe most Black people will be singing and standing for at national events. The lyrics go as follows, “Oh can you see by the blood in the streets, this place doesn’t smile on you colored child. Whose blood built this land with sweat and their hands. But we’ll die in this place and your memory erased. Oh say, does this truth hold any weight. This is not the land of the free but the home of the slaves!!!!” For those who may be offended, the truth hurts, don’t it? Check out her hair-raising performance below.

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