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Sexual Assault? Amber Rose Shows Support For Sukihana After YK Osiris Gives Unwanted Kiss – Nene Leakes Clapsback At Bravo & More | PicsVideos

Sukihana after Yk Osiris
Sukihana after Yk Osiris Photo Credit: Screenshot

*Webbies, we’re giving you this Social Heat brick by brick. Amber Rose supports rapper Sukihana after YK Osiris forcibly gives her a kiss which she is noticeably uncomfortable with receiving, and no one comes to her aid. It went down over the weekend at The Crew League event in ATL. Suki’s sitting at the host table when Osiris comes up behind her and starts to rub her bare shoulders. Sukihana appears uncomfortable, but apparently, it didn’t matter ’causeYK goes at it again, grabbing her face and attempting to kiss her. Suki successfully avoids his first attempt, but then he does it again as she yells out … this time planting one directly on her lips. Like we said, Amber Rose had a problem with it and took to IG to say so. C’mon, fellas, do better.

Ice Spice is Teen Vogue‘s June cover. ” In a world full of people who might move weirdly, Ice Spice (@icespice) prides herself on “moving smart.” Like a true New Yorker, her head is always on swivel. To protect herself, she’s constantly thinking three steps ahead. No posting in real-time. Travel with security everywhere. Pray (“a lot”). However, the negativity sometimes makes it way beyond her phone screen, including pictures of her from “before the fame,” such as high school yearbook photos and candid shots from her youth. “It’s weird because I was a minor in everything. In everything that be going viral, I was literally a kid,” she points out. “Imagine seeing pictures of you as a kid, pictures that you forgot existed — you’re basically seeing it for the first time yourself, too, and you’re a kid.”

Nene Leakes will not stand for disrespect and shot back at Bravo’s seemingly shade for removing her image from the cast in a throwback picture from 2011 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Everyone knows Nene put that franchise on the map, and the move from the network is so nasty, and so rude.

Netflix is dropping “They Cloned Tyrone” on July 21st. According to IMDB, They Cloned Tyrone, “A series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy in this pulpy mystery caper.” The thriller pulls in some heavy hitters, John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, Jamie Foxx, and David Alan Grier. Will you be watching? We’re still praying for you, Jamie.

Get the visuals, especially YK Osiris forcibly kissing Sukihana (what some consider sexual assault) by scrolling down.


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