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Rickey Smiley Shares Personal Conversation He Had with Father of One of the Alabama Shooting Victims | WATCH

*On Monday (04-17-23) popular radio host, Rickey Smiley, appeared on the nationally syndicated talk show “Daily Blast Live,” sharing a very emotional conversation he had on Sunday (4-16-23) with the dad of one of the victims of the Sweet 16 gun shooting in Alabama.

“Yeah, one of our listeners, a faithful listener on the morning show. His name is Edward. He called in and hit me up on Messenger at about four o’clock in the morning. I was passed out so I had a missed call. When I woke up and I went on Facebook and saw that he said someone killed my son and I immediately called him. We have a Greek affiliation.

“He’s a Kappa, I’m a Que. And so I had to call him you know immediately because a lot of people look up to me and this is one of the main people that was praying for me when my son died. And I had a conversation and he said that his son was shot down and he could not contact the son. Family members were trying to contact his son. In terms of trying to call, he thought maybe his son dropped his phone and was running or whatever. And someone sent him a picture and he recognized his son’s shoes.

“I was on the phone with this brother for about an hour. Just sitting there. Because you know Sunday, Sunday is a trigger for me…So that was yesterday morning. It’s only been two months since my son died and he said he was praying for me. And here I am now having a conversation with him about his son. You know we just live in a terrible time right now. When you’re dealing with fentanyl, kids dying of drug use, now this gun violence and mass shooting, scared to go anywhere, you all’s topic is on point with every single thing. You’re covering what we covered on my morning show and it’s just a sad time. My prayer goes out to all of those families.”  

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Rickey Smiley - Daily Blast screenshot
Rickey Smiley – Daily Blast screenshot

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