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Rapper Phresher’s Fiancée Says He Has ‘Broke People Behavior’ – He Won’t Spend $250K on Their Wedding | WATCH

*Brooklyn-based rapper Phresher wants to wed the girl of his dreams, but there is a problem: his fiancé wants a “rich people wedding,” which the rapper is much unwilling to go for, given his budget.

A recent 58-second clip is doing rounds, with the rapper exchanging words with his bride Jenn Coreano who accuses him of “broke people behavior” for his reluctance to spend $250,000 on their wedding.

“I deserve to be somebody’s wife,” Jenn says in a confessional scene — the first of the clip. The duo is in a hot conversation in the next scene, with neither backing down.

Phresher argues, “Two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars … the type of wedding you want, that’s how much it costs. You’re bugging the f**k out; we’re gonna invest that.”

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In a following confessional scene, Jenn adamantly asks, “So you have no plans on getting married?”

Jenn is also not buying the common “love is everything” talk.

“Love ain’t enough. How long you plan on being broke?” she asks.

But Phresher is now not taking it lying down.

“Watch your mouth … that’s not broke. That’s smart,” he says, referring to his plan to spend less on the wedding and invest the rest.

But she will hear none of it.

“You saying it costs too much. That’s broke people behavior,” she shoots back.


Twitter users weighed in, as they always do on such matters, with many supporting the rapper while some siding with Jenn.

The rapper replies that he does, except that they should marry at the city hall. That only infuriates his bride, who yells, “I’m not a city hall b*tch! Stop saying city hall ‘cuz your a** about to get left! Like I’m telling you right now.”

“She doesn’t want to be a wife. She just wants an expensive wedding! I wish black men would find a woman that appreciates all that you provide and stop enabling the ungrateful ones,” @SayOoohh tweeted.

@TieshaNae commented, “It’s her not even trying to compromise. Ok you don’t want City Hall and he don’t want to spend $250k so meet somewhere in the middle. Plus, how she gone call him broke and she’s the one not working?”

Those who sided with the bride pointed out the fact that she is not only the mother of his two kids, but that their affair began when they were in sixth grade and they have been together ever since, she standing with him despite him frequently cheating.

@briithedonn wrote. “She been with this man for years and had his kids… She wants a big wedding there’s nothing wrong with that.”

@fineeassgirllll wrote, “Y’all act like just bc she wants to be a wife she have to settle for a court house wedding she been with this man 10+ years why she can’t have a nice wedding she deserves it. A quarter mill wedding is bizzare but she doesn’t have to settle for a court room wedding.”

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