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Naomi Campbell Says the Fashion Industry Punished Her for Being An ‘Outspoken Black Woman’ – Drake is Ticking Black Women OFF & More | PicVIDEOs

Naomi Campbell Photo: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

*Webbies, did you miss us, well then tap into some Social Heat. In Apple TV+’s new documentary “The Super Models,” Naomi Campbell discusses how being assertive as a Black woman affected her career and earning power. “It was hard to be an outspoken Black woman, and I definitely got the cane for it many times,” she says. Naomi recalls an incident when Elite modeling agency founder John Casablancas took her to a meeting with Revlon and the cosmetics company wanted to offer her a contract. “But when they told me what they wanted to pay me, I said no in front of the whole room. I said, ‘I get paid that in Tokyo in one day, why would I take that for a contract for a year?'” cited the supermodel. The 8x11s were in Peoples comments section, ready to pounce, “No. There are many outspoken black women who aren’t nasty. Being a spoiled brat has nothing to do with being outspoken,” said one person. “They love playing that game! They don’t get away with that here,” typed some irrelevant Karen. One internet Auntie spoke up and said, “Too often, Black women are labeled “difficult”, “welfare mothers”, “promiscuous”, “uneducated,”  of giving birth to “many illegitimate children out of wedlock with multiple men”, of being violent with criminal tendencies because that’s what society teaches us. It’s wrong, it’s bigoted, and it’s discriminatory. Don’t shut people down when they speak up against racism. Racism is real and it’s no joke. It hurts.” Naomi was accused of committing acts of violence 11 times, and convicted of assault on four different occasions between 1998 and 2009,” but if she were the shade of milk, her critics would give her grace. Since they love to forget slavery ever happened, we can also forget Naomi‘s mishaps.

Leslie Jones said Jamie Foxx was her mentor when she was 18, and he encouraged her to live life before becoming a comedian, which helped her become the powerhouse she is today. Helping one another is such a vibe!

Actress Courtney A. Taylor had a deluge of thoughts regarding Drake’s song “Slime You Out” with its problematic lyric, “Whipped and chained you like American slaves.” No wonder Halle Berry didn’t want him to use her picture for the single. Champagne Papi is giving weird behavior.

However, the Drake slander continues; he is now dubbed cornball-in-chief by Huffington’s Post Black Voices. At his Houston concert, Drake recently shouted out his true blue friend “Megan” and clarified to the crowd that he was not speaking about H-Town Hottie Megan Thee Stallion. However, many felt the shade-throwing from a mile away, considering the Canadian rapper took potshots at Megan during the Tory Lanez debacle in his single “Circo Loco,” rapping, “This b**ch lie ’bout getting shots, but she still a stallion.” So, to recap, he’s likened American slavery to S&M, offended Halle Berry, and still got Megan Thee Stallion living rent-free in his head. We have to agree, the man is a cornfield.

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