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Michael Bivins Says Bobby Brown Should Not Have Been Booted from New Edition

New Edition talk Vegas residency
(L-R) Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, and Ronnie DeVoe of New Edition at the 2017 BET Awards at Microsoft Square on June 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

*According to Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown should never have been voted out of New Edition.

“We did have a vote, and even the way that vote is – is stories behind that vote and…The vote should’ve never happened,” said Biven recently appeared on the “My Expert Opinion Show,” Ice Cream Convos reports. 

“It ain’t even worth a conversation,” he added. 

Bivins felt Bobby was too young to be voted out at the time.

Brown’s behavior was reportedly the reason for his expulsion from the group in 1985.

Bobby Brown - Hand on Chin
Bobby Brown –

Elsewhere in the interview, Bivens recalled a fight he and Bobby had early in their careers because Bobby laughed at him after a car ran over his foot.

Per Ice Cream Convos, Bivens explained:

It was in L.A. in Glendale… It was when the car ran over my foot for real. We got to the hotel and boop, boop, boop, boop… And in the parking lot, we get in the lobby…

A car ran over my foot, and he laughed… And I, you know, ‘F**k you!’… And I’m cursing, and we getting in, and I’m elbowing.

Cause all five of us would sit in the back seat. So, as soon as the door opened, bah, bah, bah!… We in the parking lot and then we get in the lobby, I’m trying to throw the candy machine on him, but that motherf**ker is too heavy.

And then we go up in the room… We go up in the room, and I’m trying to pick up a 50-pound dumbbell…. You know the “Telephone Man” video?… Y’all ever seen that?…

Big dude, Carlil, he from Newark, and, um, he punches me, boom! Knocks me into the wall, baw! I’m hitting the door. I go down, Bob’s laughing again.

So, he laughing… Me and my Leo sh*t, I’m getting mad… So, Carlil use to cut our hair, I grab the scissors, I’m trying to get at him… Carlil punch me again, boom!

…And I feel out, and they sat me.

They put me in this place, The Oakwood, for two f***ing weeks, by myself.

And I’m just sitting in this room, and they just, you know, ‘Yo, we need to kick Mike out, this ***** is crazy,’ you know, calling my mom… no, this real talk, two weeks, two weeks I’m by myself, right?….

And they’re having their conversation. I’m having no contact with these ******, and then one day I get the call and they like, ‘You can come back around.’

And I go in the studio, and it’s “The Telephone Man” song. Ray Parker never gave up my talking spot, you know, and he went in, he said, ‘Mike, I got a part for you.’

But, I ain’t seen my ****** in two weeks so, I’m here, they here, I guess they was waiting for me to say I’m sorry, they not saying nothing to me, but they were receptive.

And I found out, um, Bob, um, told the managers, ’Nah, don’t kick Mike out. I said I know he wild out and tried to get at me, but he didn’t get at me.’

So he stood ground for me while I didn’t for him. 

And there you have it.


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