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Method Man Has Been Accused of Attacking Model Jayden Steele Back in the 90s | VIDEO

Jayden Steele - Method Man
Jayden Steele – Method Man

*Welp. Now it’s Method Man‘s turn to be accused of assault from back in the 90s. Well, at least it’s not a sexual assault (if that matters). Doing the accusing is model Jayden Steele.

Via her TikTok account, this past Monday (12-18-23), Steele shared a story of physical abuse from a “very large rapper in the ’90s who’s actually now an actor.”

And if you’re wondering why Steele is coming forward now in 2023, she also tells why she wasn’t able to get justice at the time.

“Good day all. You guys wanna know the reason why all these people are coming forward now telling their stories and they didn’t do it in the past?” she says. “Well, being a model for over 12 years and being in this industry, I was physically attacked by a very large rapper in the ’90s who’s actually now an actor right now today.

“This man attacked me, I defended myself,” she added. “10 squad cars were called to the hotel ’cause we tore that bitch up. 10 squad cars were called – there wasn’t one police report written about the incident. I had five officers come up to my room and take a statement. Not one police report was written.”

Here’s why she felt she felt she couldn’t come forward at the time:

“I worked for attorneys at that time in New York, and because my attorneys represented the head of the record label he was on, they told me to pick my battles. You wanna know why? That’s why.”

Even though Jayden Steele didn’t name names in the clip, a reader of her post went straight ahead and asked if it was Method Man, to which Steele simply replied, “Yes.”

And no, as of this posting, Method Man has not yet responded to the allegation.

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