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LeBron James Gives Update on Bronny James During L.A. Lakers Media Day – Anthony Mackie Refuses Young Fan Photo: Social Media Erupts + More | PicVIDEOs

LeBron and Bronny James (Jay LaPrete-AP)
LeBron and Bronny James (Jay LaPrete-AP)

*Webbies Social Heat will have you saying, “Take me out of the group chat, please,” but nah, you stay and catch this news. Lebron James, 38, gave a health update about his son Bronny James, 18, who experienced a cardiac arrest while at basketball practice for USC. “Bronny is doing extremely well. He has begun his rehab process to get back on the floor this season with his teammates at USC. The successful surgery that he had, but he’s on the up and up,” LeBron said on Monday, Oct. 2, at the Los Angeles Lakers media day. He added, “It’s definitely a whirlwind and a lot of emotions for our family this summer, but the best thing we have is each other.” Sending healing prayers to Bronny and his family.

Anthony Mackie‘s refusal to take a picture with a fan got people tussling in the comment section. A video clip uploaded to X, formerly Twitter, a woman requests the Marvel actor take a picture with a child, according to The Jasmine Brand. “Would you please take a picture with my grandson?” pleads the woman. Anthony stood unmoved like a student loan debt despite several payments and firmly replied, “I can not take a picture.” The woman pushed for my clarity, “So, you can not, and you will not,” and Anthony exploded with “Absolutely not.” The woman identified in the video goes by the name Aundra, and she shared her version of the interaction with Captain America on her IG Stories, “No one ever believes when I say the new black Captain America (Anthony Mackey) does not take pictures with kids. Little black boys who look up to him in #NewOrleans.” She continued, “Don’t get me wrong. I understand celebrities wanting their space etc. But kids? Every single time? You’re a super hero sir In the MARVEL UNIVERSE.” Sis, your precious 11-year-old son learned a valuable lesson that day: you can’t always get what you want, that’s life. @nicbydesign said it the best, “teachable moment for your kid. super heroes aren’t real. he’s a paid actor so ask a black doctor or teacher to take a picture with him and there’s his role model.”

Former NFL player Terrell Owens shared a transparent conversation with former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocino about his difficulties dating Black women. Terrell admitted, “My experiences with Black women growing up wasn’t so good…When I started dating white girls- my first experience with white girls was when I went to college. I tried to date some Black girls when I was in college. They did not like me. I was skinny, I was scrawny, I was teased from high school even to college, I got teased for being dark-skinned. So there was a lot of self-esteem issues.” The 49-year-old further explained, “When I got my opportunity, my first experience with a white girl, it wasn’t bad. But I just totally gravitated to white girls after that. That wasn’t the situation. So again, my experiences with Black women growing up wasn’t so good. But that still didn’t deter me from still dating or pursuing Black girls.” There is so much self-hate in the Black community; we’re praying that we’ll evolve from this low-vibrational way of treating one another.

Vivica A. Fox dropped by “Good Morning America” to discuss her directorial debut for the feature film, “The First Lady of BMF, The Tonesha Welch Story.” 50 Cent expressed dismay about the project and, like a mature adult, took to social media to call out his ex-bae, “This should say 263 not BMF, @southwest263 [shrug emoji],” he wrote, pointing out BMF crew co-founder Terry “Southwest T” Flenory had roots in Los Angeles. “What the fvck is this man ! [tea emoji] [frog emoji]. Vivica ugh, So your not gonna ever leave me alone hun? and what the fvck is judge Mathis doing in this mix[.] I’m done, Im done with all of you ni66as. LOL,” said 50 in a now-deleted post, according to Hip Hop DX. All’s fair in love and war, mmkay pumpkin. Vivica flipped her ponytail and basically said “Boi, sit down, let catch this check,” and shot principal photography within 14 days in Washington, D.C. Check it out on BET+ on October 5.

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