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In a Frosty Celebration, Nicki Minaj Pseudonym ‘Jolly St. Nicki’ Releases Humorous Remix of Controversial ‘Roman Holiday’ | WatchListen

Nicki Minaj pseudonym "Jolly St. Nicki's Xmas song remix (courtesy of ItgirlPR)
Nicki Minaj pseudonym “Jolly St. Nicki’s Xmas song remix (courtesy of ItgirlPR)

*From the ashes of controversy around homophobia, racism, and religious fanaticism rises the Snowman. Is the snowman Nicki Minaj? The record executives aren’t confirming if the famed rapper is on the verse but it is reportedly produced by her under the pseudonym ‘Jolly St. Nicki‘. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

Listen here: Snowman Holiday and/or, watch below.

“Snowman Holiday” is an affectionate, warm-hearted parody of  the controversial Minaj song “Roman Holiday.”  When “Roman Holiday” premiered at the 2012 Grammys, Nicki Minaj was skewered. The first solo female rapper ever to perform at the Grammys, Minaj worked with Lady Gaga choreographer Laurieann Gibson to create a provocative, thought-provoking, and adventurous stage presentation.

Nicki Minaj Vogue cover (Norman Jean Roy-Vogue)
Nicki Minaj Vogue cover (Norman Jean Roy-Vogue)

lady gaga

They settled on a theme of “exorcism,“ as an obvious metaphor for the conversion therapy imposed on Roman, the gay son of the wicked and homophobic Martha. The public outrage, in some quarters, to seeing Minaj, a successful Black woman, walking the red carpet with a white Pope-like figure struck many as racially biased. So too, The theme of “exorcism,“ which incited condemnation from the Catholic League, among other organizations, had been used so often in film, television, and music, without eliciting such an outcry. Minaj and Gibson, both self-proclaimed religious Catholics, were dismayed by the reaction. Whereas white artists such as Gaga were afforded the benefit of the doubt in interpreting their performances, no such artistic generosity was given to Minaj. However, in the ensuing years, the message underlying the zany, irreverent performance, has not been lost on many fans and critics alike. The actual theme of ‘Roman Holiday” of  “we all are deserving of love, respect and understanding, regardless of religious, racial or sexual identities” was overshadowed by the

In the spoof “Snowman”, there is no need to decipher complex lyrics,  Snowman is so universally loved that the children want to create a holiday for him, rather then send him away for a “Roman Holiday.”  Who doesn’t love a snowman?

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The lyrics of “Snowman Holiday” playfully acknowledge the charm of snowmen, their cold exterior hiding warm hearts, and the joy they bring to the holiday season. The parody captures the spirit of winter celebrations, incorporating familiar holiday imagery and themes into its festive verses.

With lines like “Join the celebration, Snowman” and “We’ll make a toast to you, mister,” the song transforms the controversial narrative of “Roman Holiday” into a feel-good anthem for the holidays. The playful references to snowman accessories, such as buttons, carrots, scarves, and top hats, add a delightful touch to the parody.

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In explaining a commercial resurgence of the song in 2019, writer Kyle Denis noted: “On “Roman Holiday,” Nicki introduces and assumes the characters of Roman Zolanski, a gay boy who has been exiled to Russia for conversion therapy, and his mother, Martha Zolanksi. The song features lasers, orchestral elements, boom-bap influences, synths, and more. Oh, and did I mention Nicki also interpolates “O Come All Ye Faithful,” the classic Christmas hymn? Yes, “Roman Holiday” is the zeitgeist of camp in modern rap music. People expected Nicki to go full-throttle for the camp-themed MET Gala and are now (almost a decade later) professing their love for “Roman Holiday,” but where was that love all those years ago?”

Tell us if you’re feeling ‘Jolly St. Nicki’s’ remix or prefer the original.

Jazmyn Summers - Instagram
Jazmyn Summers – Instagram

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