Monday, June 17, 2024

Cocaine Case at White House Closed Due to ‘Lack of Physical Evidence’

The White House

*The White House cocaine case is officially closed because the area where it was found earlier this month is lacking security cameras.

Former Secret Service agent Bobby McDonald spoke to TMZ about the cocaine mystery and explained why this particular area of the West Wing lacks video surveillance. The outlet writes, “He says the Secret Service narrowed down the list of possible suspects, based on who was in the area during the time frame, but without video or physical evidence to nail a culprit … the case is now closed.”

The agency claims “no surveillance video footage” revealed the cocaine culprit. 

As TMZ reports, authorities found the coke in a “receptacle used to temporarily store electronic and personal devices prior to entering the West Wing.”

The Secret Service is closing its investigation “due to a lack of physical evidence.”


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We reported previously that a reporter asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to clarify “once and for all” that the cocaine found at the White House did not belong to a Biden family member. The specific question was, “Can you just say once and for all whether or not the cocaine belonged to the Biden family?” 

Jean-Pierre respodned, “They (the Biden family) were not here on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday so to ask that question is incredibly irresponsible,” she said.


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