Sunday, June 23, 2024

Black Voters Say Democrats ‘Forgot About the Black Male’

Joe Biden - gives speech on democracy and Trump in Phoenix - screenshot
Joe Biden – gives speech on democracy and Trump in Phoenix – screenshot

*Black voters expressed their frustration with President Joe Biden in a new episode of the New York Times podcast “The Run-Up.”

Astead W. Herndon hosted the conversation at his childhood home, where family members also joined him to discuss the 2024 presidential race, Business Insider reports. One Black voter said Democrats have failed Black males; another said Black people supported Kamala Harris during the 2020 presidential race because “she had that pearls-and-gym shoes thing and you saw all women from sororities coming together with their pearls and in their Chucks.”

“They were like, ‘Oh, we’ve got someone that looks like us in there,'” the woman continued. “And they were hoping, like we said with [former President Barack] Obama … they were expecting her to do so much and we’ve seen nothing. And so now it’s like, who speaks for us?”

Black voters helped Joe Biden secure the 2020 presidential win, and they typically Vote Blue No Matter Who. Some Democratic supporters, however, have become indifferent to the party, Herndon reported.

“I think people were thinking that she would be it and that’s why we voted. And so now that we don’t have what we expected, it’s kind of like, okay, well there goes that,” one woman told Herndon, Business Insider reports.  

Joe Biden on Israel and Ukraine - screenshot
Joe Biden on Israel and Ukraine – screenshot

During the conversation, one female voter noted that Black males may be reluctant to see Vice President Harris as a potential president, leading to some voting for Trump next year.

“The thought, even when we deal with Biden and his age, is if something does happen then this is going to be our president,” she said of Harris, BI reports. “I think that thought will drive many men, Black or white.”

As part of its 16-week advertising campaign launched in August, the Biden administration will spend $25 million targeting Black and Hispanic voters in key battleground states, Black Enterprise reports. 

Biden’s target states include Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The ads focus on the president’s economic policies and ran during the NFL Kickoff and the World Series. The ads aim to highlight the impact of Biden’s legislative accomplishments.

“I honestly feel that the Democratic Party has forgot about the Black male,” a Black male voter told Herndon, according to Business Insider.

“As African-American men, sometimes we get left like our needs, our desires, our wants are not always in account,” he continued. “We kinda get pushed to the side. I think sometimes that might be something that men are looking at … that our needs are not being taken care of. Like our matters are not being resolved.”

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