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The Pulse of Entertainment: JOOLS TV Network of Animation for Kids Boast 500,000 Subscribers | VIDEOs

JOOLS TV YouTube Network Boast 500,000 subscribers
JOOLS TV YouTube Network Boast 500,000 subscribers

*“We had a vision…as young parents,” said Justin Brim co-owner of the JOOLS TV YouTube network along with his wife Patrice Brim, which airs “The Brim Family” animation made specifically for children. “We didn’t know anybody in animation. We went back and forth until we found the right person.”

The Chicago-based network has over 500,000 subscribers, which includes the children of Cardi B, Missy Elliott, Russell and Ciara Wilson, and Michael B. Jordan. Launched in early 2020 the JOOLS acronym stands for “Js Of Our Lives.” Their eldest son is named JJ for Justin, Jr. and their second birth was a son and they named him Jaxon. They went on to have two more sons Jett and Jhy.

I expressed my amazement at the number of subscribers in only four years and Justin said, “It showed us there was a vow to be filled.”

On the JOOLS TV network, you will find their “The Brim Family” animation which takes the viewers through all the stages their kids go through, plus other animated shows such as Hip-Hop Songs Remix; Trapery Rhymes; Calm Fireplace background sounds for reading ambience; Nursey Rhymes likes Baa Baa Black Sheep and Ten in the Bed; The Family Wiggle; Dino Dance; Sing Along Playlist; If You’re Happy and You Know It, and so many more shows.

“The boys are ours; the girls are my cousins’ kids,” said Patrice when I asked about the animated characters. “…and we have a newborn!”

Justin and Patrice Brim
Justin and Patrice Brim’s JOOLS TV boasts 500,000 subscribers.

The content for “The Brim Family” and the other animated shows comes from their real-life experiences presented in a way to teach children valuable lessons in an entertaining way.

JOOLS TV published the JJs Affirmations book, after an animated segment on the network, which is about self-acceptance, diversity, and individuality.

“We are hands-on parents We were watching youth programs and there was no diversity. We saw that as a problem,” Justin pointed out as we talked about how the JOOLS TV concept came to be. “It’s a place where kids can feel safe.”

“It’s about teaching children the foundations….then letting them make their own decisions.” Patrice chimed-in.

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