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Asim I.I. Releases the Music Video for ‘The Christmas Song’ Featuring Keisha Martin & The Soyemi Sisters | WATCH

Scene from 'The Christmas Sing' music video by rapper Asim I.I.
Scene from the music video for ‘The Christmas Song’ by rapper Asim I.I. featuring Keisha Martin & The Soyemi Sisters.

*Hip-Hop’s Asim I.I. releases the music video to his holiday single “The Christmas Song” (AngelicVoices Music/Symphonic) featuring Keisha Martin and the Soyemi Sisters. The “Christmas Song” music video is produced by AngelicVoicesMusic (AngelicVoices Ministry), a video graphed by Likevisions, with Asim I.I. Robinson and Likevisions directing.

Heavy with holiday scenes depicting the loving moments found all over the world this time of the year, the music video is heartwarming. “The Christmas Song” single is written by Asim I.I. and it showcases his rap skills and the soulful vocals of Keisha Martin and the Soyemi Sisters. The holiday single is released from the AngelicVoices Music record label, owned by Vanderbilt Evans, Jr., and Asim I.I. Robinson. The last music video released from the label was for the AngelicVoices’ single “Why Not,” which recently reached #3 on the 4MTV’s Music Block World Top 10 List (Ne-Yo was at #7). This milestone is a testimony to the quality of the music coming from AngelicVoices Music.

AngelicVoices, a Bronx native, and Asim I.I., a Brooklyn native, are both ASCAP members. They have their own AVM line of sneakers ( and will soon launch the AVM streaming channel at ( in 2024.

AngelicVoicesMusic’s credits as a music producer is impressive. He worked at Bad Boy Studios (Studio B and C) with up-and-coming artists for a Cypher at the Livewell Network. He used to have a publishing arrangement with CBS Viacom, and Sony Orchard. During a producers’ battle AngelicVoices won by recreating the works of Kurtis Blow, James Brown, and many others from scratch. AngelicVoices also took the winning spot of the Producers Challenge at the Live at Webster Hall show and at the ULMII Entertainment Conference’s National Competition. He is currently working with the original Spindarella of Salt & Pepper, Latoya Hanson, as a music producer for her 2024 project.

Asim I.I., rapping since he was 12 years old, was on an Asim I.I. Cypher Tour when he met AngelicVoices at the Bad Boy Studios. Asim I.I. was introduced to AngelicVoices by a member of G-Unit as the beat-maker of the tracks he was rapping over. They have since been partners in many different enterprises.

Rapper Asim I.I.
Rapper Asim I.I. in a scene from his new music video for the single ‘The Christmas Song’ (AngelicVoices Music/Symphonic).

Watch the “The Christmas Song” music video on Youtube at and leave comments. For more information contact the AngelicVoices Music label at [email protected].

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