Sunday, June 23, 2024

Bill Gates Daughter Gets Racist Comments After Posting Pic with Rumored Black Boyfriend | VIDEO

Phoebe Gates and rumored boyfriend
Phoebe Gates and rumored boyfriend / Instagram

*Social media went wild after the daughter of (one of) the world’s richest men posted a picture with a black male. Phoebe Gates, the daughter of Bill Gates, has become the latest to be trolled online but unfortunately with a mass amount of racist remarks.

Gates, 19, posted a photo on Instagram of a young black man kissing her on her cheek as they sat side-by-side. The Stanford University student and the guy who remains anonymous became the target of jokes that were mainly about their interracial relationship and her father’s fortune.

Even though it’s still unknown if the two are in a relationship, some thought the possible relationship was a win for the Black community.

“I’m so tickled at Bill Gates’ daughter’s new man,” one tweeted. “The black community said he secured the bag.” Another said: “Bill Gates’s daughter got a black bf. I hope they get married,” another user wrote. “We finna get reparations one way or another.”

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Bill Gates and daughter Phoebe Gates - GettyImages
Bill Gates and daughter Phoebe Gates – GettyImages

But still, other people felt Phoebe’s father wouldn’t approve.

“Bill gates bout to make a whole new virus just to end this relationship,” the Twitter user wrote. “Who would’ve thought that with the ongoing climate crisis Bill Gate’s daughter would partake in smoking coal.”

And when it comes to the young Black male securing the bag, one advised: “Phoebe Gates has a black boyfriend, young brotha do not pull out … BE GREAT.”

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