Thursday, September 29, 2022

Stars of Tyler Perry’s ‘A Jazzman’s Blues’ On What Makes This Couple Special | EUR Exclusive

*“A JAZZMAN’S BLUES” is the new Netflix film from Tyler Perry that tells the story of “Bayou” and “Leanne” — two star-crossed lovers in the south during the 1940s.

“A JAZZMAN’S BLUES” stars newcomers, Joshua Boone and Solea Pfieffer, and EUR talked exclusively with them about what they love about their characters as a couple.

In the film, both Bayou and Leanne feel like outcasts in their families; it’s something that bonds them when they first meet as teenagers. Pfieffer explained to EUR what makes this relationship unique.

“I think it’s the freedom that they provide each other, that there’s this element of not being able to be yourself truly around anybody else. And then you find this person who all of a sudden, you know the air around them. You can just breathe a little easier. And that’s what these characters were to each other,” she explained.

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A JAZZMAN’S BLUES (2022) and Solea Pfeiffer as Leanne
Cr: Jace Downs/NETFLIX

Pfieffer continued, “And I think that’s a beautiful thing to explore. We see them as children; we see them as fully formed adults with fully-fledged lives. And I know for my character, in a life with not a lot of choices, and not a lot of options, when she finds her love again later in life, that reignited hope and how important it is to feel that freedom in your life and how love just opens us up and makes life worth living and how important it is to fight for it.”

Boone noted that working on a production that sometimes featured heavy themes while filming on location in Savannah, was significant not only for the character but also for her own mental health.

Tyler Perry directing "A Jazzman's Blues"
A Jazzman’s Blues, Director Tyler Perry and Joshua Boone as Bayou.
Cr. Jace Downs / ©2022 Netflix

“I love being outside. And a lot of this happens outside. I love nature, you know, there’s something about humanity and in its present form that doesn’t feel as outside as it used to, especially during those eras during that era, specifically. And so I could just use the fact that we were on location in Savannah and how beautiful it was,” she shared.

“I was very grounded, you know, and it fed my emotional health and well-being. And my emotional state for the character in those moments. Seeing those Spanish moss trees informs everything that’s happening at the moment and makes it easy. It’s beautiful,” Boone added.

Watch our full conversation via the clip below.

“A JAZZMAN’S BLUES” debuts exclusively on Netflix on September 23.




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