Sunday, September 25, 2022

Insane! 12-yr-old Peewee Football Player Chased by Angry Mom After He Tackled Her Son | WATCH

Mom Chases Football Player - screenshot
Mom Chases Football Player – screenshot

*This mother should know better. A Texas mom has been banned from attending peewee football games after she lost her cool and chased a 12-year-old boy around the field after he tackled her son mid-game.

Video footage shows the woman chasing after the boy like a fool, knowing damn well she’s an adult. The youngster, Ivan, can be seen running away, seemingly confused by her crazy a** reaction.

According to DailyMail, the woman was found in violation of multiple code and conduct policies according to the Youth Football and Cheerleading league.

Emilla Rucker, Ivan’s mom, spoke to ABC 13 Houston and said she was taken aback to see a grown woman behaving like that.

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Ivan and Emilla Rucker - screenshot
Ivan and Emilla Rucker – screenshot

‘This is ridiculous. How can you get that angry at a kids game?’ she said.

‘Your son plays football, they tackle each other, that’s just the name of the game.

‘How can you get that upset to chase him and not only chase him but curse at him while you’re chasing him.’

Ivan told the outlet that the boy he tackled acted very differently than his mother and
accepted the tackle in a sportsmanlike way.

‘Yeah, I picked him up and everything,’ Ivan said.

‘He was actually trying to shake my hand after the play until his mom I guess started chasing after me.’

Unfortunately, the boy along with his mother and family have been banned from attending further games.





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