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Africa’s Brain Bank® Aims to Unite Brain Power, Talent of Global Black Community

Leaders address audience during Africa's Brain Bank Summit and Charity Ball (2019)
Leaders address audience during Africa’s Brain Bank Summit and Charity Ball (2019)

*In 2018 Rev. Pamela Fomunung, a native of Cameroon in West-Central Africa, and a current resident of Houston, TX, decided to embark on an ambitious journey to elevate the continent of Africa and the global diaspora.

She founded Africa’s Brain Bank® a 501c3 organization focused on eliminating Africa’s “brain drain,” which refers to the historic looting and exploitation of Africa’s people, talent, ideas and resources. To achieve that goal, she and her team have set out to unite Africans, Black Americans and black people worldwide for networking, to share intellectual capital, brain power, and to engage in the flow of intercontinental business transactions.

Africa’s Brain Bank endeavors to create a digital repository that is accessible to black people on all corners of the globe.

“For so long our brain power has been scattered across the world, and now we can harness it from the comfort of our homes. We can deposit our intellectual property and make withdrawals. Think about the transactions you make through the bank. If you send a Zelle to somebody, you are transferring money. Now, imagine sending a Zelle of your expertise to somebody in Lagos or Cape Town without having to physically go there. That is what Africa’s Brain Bank is about. If you are of African descent, you are a part of it.”

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Couple walks the red carpet during The Africa's Brain Bank Annual Summit & Charity Ball (2019)
Couple walks the red carpet during The Africa’s Brain Bank Annual Summit & Charity Ball (2019)

For the last three years, the organization has hosted its Annual Summit & Charity Ball, where leaders convene for dialogue and to explore the vast opportunities that exist for black Americans in Africa and vice versa.

Africa’s Brain Bank is of the belief that despite widespread false narratives, Africans have a strong desire to work with black people in America and to conduct business together.

With the continent needing support in various industries, in addition to containing 60% of the world’s arable land, Rev. Fomunung insists there is no better time than now.

“Healthcare is a big issue, as we don’t have enough hospitals or healthcare facilities,” Rev. Fomunung said. “Other industries with major opportunities are in hotels, real estate, agriculture, finance, transportation, education and telecommunications. The opportunities are unlimited. Why should others benefit and not us?”

On October 8-9, 2022, Africa’s Brain Bank is hosting it’s 3rd Annual Summit & Charity Ball in Atlanta at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel. The event will kick off with an academic symposium, followed by red carpet, the official Africa’s Brain Bank Summit, and then a dinner and charity ball.

Speakers include Motowns first A&R man Sir William “Mickey” Stevenson (worked with Marvin Gay, the Supremes, Stevie Wonder and many Motown superstars), iconic Nollywood actor and attorney Richard Mofe-Damijo, Hon. Johnny Ford, former Mayor of Tuskegee, AL and Founder of the World Conference of Mayors, Doll Avant, founder and CEO of Aquagenuity, Douglas Eze, wealth strategist and award-winning insurance agent, Ambassador Dr. Amina Smaila, Nigerian Consul General in Atlanta, Lisa Sylvester Acogny, Co-founder and Chair of International Relations for Knowledge-First International Academy, Dr. Neal Hall, surgeon and renowned poet, and several academic symposium speakers.

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