Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Horse Named Black Lives Matter Dies Mysteriously While in Care of White Veterinarians

BLM stallion
Credit: Instagram

*A racing horse named “Black Lives Matter” has reportedly died while in the care of white veterinarians in Texas.

The stallion went viral earlier this year after winning his first race at the Sam Houston Derby trials in Houston, Black Enterprise reports. In an Instagram video shared over the weekend, owner Kee’Undra Hatley-Smith explained that Black Lives Matter mysteriously died at an equestrian clinic and the staffers provided no explanation as to what caused his death.

“We took our horse BLM an hour away to a VET for a small, common procedure to be done that would collect sperm for future reproduction and to also have him castrated so that he can perform without raging hormones and have better success during races.”

She continued, “We dropped him off healthy! But when we returned to pick him up, he was non-responsive. We noticed this camera directly above the stall that he was kept in after the procedure.”

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Hatley-Smith also notes that a tech told the family the camera footage of BLM’s stall was not available —  how convenient. 

“We requested him be shipped to a pathologist for an autopsy,” the text of the video reads. Another clip shows several people covering the animal with dozens of ice bags “because the drive is 3 hours away and its 105 degrees in Texas,” the owner explains. 

Hatley-Smith said she attempted to cancel the castration because the family wouldn’t be able to attend the operation in person but the vet continued with the surgery anyway. 

“There is no proof of post-op care and documentation. We are so hurt,” she added. 

Credit: Instagram

“When we asked to come to get footage of the procedure someone at the front desk told us ‘we are not here for your social media needs’ this made us suspicious so we told them not to move forward.

“Being that our horse has been all over social media bringing awareness to the BLM movement, we found that statement disrespectful.”

The family is now calling for “answers and we want JUSTICE!” 

Many social media are hopeful that the family will sue the vet clinic as the popular consensus seems to be that foul play was definitely involved. We will keep you updated as the family waits on the autopsy results.

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