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Pastor John Gray Claims He Needs ‘Healing’ After Allegedly Cheating On His Wife Again | Video

pastor and his wife
Aventer & John Gray

*Pastor John Gray is at the center of more cheating allegations. 

 Gray is being accused of being unfaithful to his wife, Aventer Gray, yet again, The YBF reports. 

The pastor recently took to social media and opened up about the childhood trauma he suffered which has caused him to live in a “dark place.” Gray spoke about his current struggles and said he’s taking time out to “heal.”

”I’ve been saying to my wife, I am not okay. I’ve been telling people close to me, I’m not okay. I am not well. In my heart, in my body, in my mind, in my body, in my soul. I am not well. This is when people put guns in their mouth,” he said.

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He also recalled the “vicious predator” who put urine in his mouth when he was a young boy and that has caused him great shame.

Here’s more from The YBF:

Not long after, NEW cheating allegations popped up! Maybe he knew this was coming and tried to hit ahead of the narrative? A woman spoke to YouTuber Tasha K to share with her that she has been having an affair with Pastor John Gray – who pastored for several years at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston – and that there’s video proof! Allegedly. The woman shared she’s an adult entertainer and that she lives in Florida. Peep the clip above.

In another clip, Tasha K talks about seeing “disturbing videos” that the adult entertainer sent her of John and said that he was “building a mistress.”

Tasha K said the woman told her he would send her money on Cash App, he said he was going to move her to Atlanta, buy her a house and a car. She said every time she got on the phone with John, all he wanted to do was masturbate and after he released, he would forget everything he said to her. The unidentified woman said she had been talking to John Gray for over a month and didn’t realize who he is. 

You can watch both Tasha K clips below.


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Since 2020, Pastor Gray has been talking about going to therapy “for being so “broken” that he can’t stop cheating on his wife, who is also the mother of his two children,” The YBF writes. 

Last year, Pastor Gray opened up to Kendall Kyndall of ALLBLK’s “Social Society” about rebuilding the trust with his wife following multiple cheating allegations.

“Building trust with a congregation is secondary to building trust equity with my wife,” he said. “When you attempt to throw away your marriage because of your own pain, your own shame, your own sexual repression, things that happened in childhood—you’ve gotta dig deeper than ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m sorry can be genuine but if you don’t do the internal work, you’re gonna come back and do it again.”


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