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50 Cent Calls on Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry to Apologize to Mo’Nique After ‘Precious’ Fallout

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*50 Cent says he’s ready to give Mo’Nique a second chance in Hollywood and he has called on Oprah and Tyler Perry to apologize for allegedly “blackballing” her in the industry. 

“I’m sure Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry would not want to continue to allow there influence to damage @therealmoworldwide career and this has went on for way to long,” 50 wrote on Instagram, Complex reports.  “So now would be a great time to apologize because i’m gonna put her back on. 🤔GLG🚦GreenLighGang 🎯I don’t miss! #bransoncognac

In a separate post, Fiddy noted that he watched Mo’Nique’s stand-up show over Super Bowl weekend, and said: “she had my ass in a trance.”

I Gotta get @therealmoworldwide back in pocket, we only suppose to cancel shit that ain’t good for the culture. we need you to WIN again now MONIQUE,” wrote 50 Cent in another IG post. 

“All in Favor of @therealmoworldwide being back on Top,🤨Say make it happen 50 ! STOP FUCKING AROUND,” he captioned a separate photo of the actress/comedian. 

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One 50 Cent fan responded, “@50cent I have never commented on any of your posts, but this one… I had to give you some love. You are a REAL one for sure giving Auntie Monique – @therealmoworldwide some mad love. Hollywood did her wrong and all of us miss her voice on TV and in movies. She has been punished waaayyyy too long for simply standing up for herself and it’s time for her comeback. 50, please find a good role for Auntie Monique. She is an amazing actress and I know she will do you proud.”

Mo’Nique recently appeared on “Turnt Out with TS Madison” and spoke about her years-long beef with Tyler Perry.

The decade of drama was sparked by Mo’s refusal to promote the 2009 film “Precious,” for which she won an academy award. Mo explained to Madison that producer/director Lee Daniels lead the campaign to tarnish her career after she refused to promote the film for free. The actress explained that she recorded a conversation between herself and Perry, who expressed regret for how he treated her. Perry and Winfrey provided promotional assistance on the film.

In the recorded audio, Perry said he would publicly apologize to Mo’Nique. Madison confirmed to her audience that she heard the audio. “Mo’Nique is telling the truth,” the host said.

“Now that was recent,” Mo’Nique said. “So, as I sit here with you, and you say, ‘Wait a minute. I heard that man say he was wrong and was going to apologize.’ Well that’s turned into, ‘I’ll meet with you—not with your husband—and now you have to apologize to me.’ How does that happen? I’ll tell you how.”

Mo’Nique then noted Hollywood’s history of targeting Black women who stand up for themselves.

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“Oftentimes when it comes to a Black woman speaking up and speaking out, it goes unheard until she dies. Then once she dies, then we go back and say, ‘Well, she was right,’ and ‘let’s make a movie about it.’” she explained. “See, I can give you their names: Eartha Kitt. I can give you their names: Hazel Scott. I can give you their names: Fannie Lou Hamer. I can give you their names: Hattie McDaniel. All of those women took a stand, and all of those women left here heartbroken, unhealthy, looking at a community saying, ‘Y’all know I’m right, but why won’t anybody say anything?’”

It appears the team behind “Precious” conspired to curb Mo’s career because she refused to promote the film without being paid. 

“What I was not going to do was to make Hollywood the priority,” she said, before recalling her and Perry’s conversation at the Neighborhood Awards. “… I said [to Perry] I’m not in the business of working for free. So we had a mutual agreement. No problem. We got up, we hugged, everything was good. When they knew that I was not going to be the actress or be the one that say, ‘Because it’s them, I gotta do it.’ No. I don’t care who it is … Now comes the blackball.”

Mo’Nique said Perry then bad-mouth her to director David E. Talbert and rumors began to swirl that she was “difficult to work with.”

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