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Antonio Brown Takes Aim at Tom Brady After Bucs Release [VIDEO]

*Antonio Brown has clapped back at Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians and quarterback Tom Brady after his contract with the team was terminated on Thursday.

Brady called for compassion for Brown after the wide receiver removed his jersey during last Sunday night’s game against the Jets and walked off the field. The move reportedly prompted Arians to boot Brown from the team after he said he was too hurt to continue playing. Brown had missed several games due to an injured ankle and apparently, the athlete had not fully recovered ahead of Sunday’s match-up against the Jets. 

“We all love him. We care about him deeply,” Brady said after the game. “We want to see him being at his best, and unfortunately, it won’t be with our team.”

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As reported by Complex, Brady “orchestrated AB’s signing with the Patriots in 2019 and subsequently with Tampa Bay last season,” the outlet writes. During an appearance on the Full Send Podcast on Friday, Brown took aim at the six-time Super Bowl champion. 

“Tom Brady is my friend, why? Because I’m a good football player,” he said. “These guys call me to win a Super Bowl, not for the toilet bowl.”

He Brown offered similar comments during a separate interview with Tapped in Daily on Clubhouse. “I mean, you can’t really expect anyone to be your friend in the business of football. The game is football but our business is winning,” Brown said Friday.

“How I’ve been handled, how I continue to be handled, how I continue to be slandered, how I continue to be made upon as a bad guy — I know America love its bad guys — but I’m a great guy,” Brown added. “I just won a Super Bowl, I’m an American hero, I persevered through numerous adversities.”

Brown became a free agent on Thursday, and he released a statement via his lawyer explaining that the Bucs “threw me out like an animal” after his shirtless game exit.

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown takes off his shirt and leaves the game between his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Jets on Jan. 2, 2022 (YouTube Screenshot)

“Imagine if a coach tell you, ‘Get the f— out of here.’ What are you gonna do [when] you tell a coach you can’t go in the game?” he said, before asking their camera to zoom in on his injured ankle. 

“Coach was telling me that if I didn’t play hurt, I was done with the Bucs,” Brown claimed in the statement released last week. After his refusal to play because of his ankle injury, he claims Arians “threw me out like an animal,” Brown added.

“My whole thing is, it’s about integrity. And if you’ve got a player [on your team], players have rights,” he continued. “And you’ve got a right to tell the coach, ‘Yo coach, I can’t go in the game.’ If it make the coach irrational [or] emotional that I can’t do my job, then that’s not humane,” he said on the Full Send Podcast.

“To say someone’s my friend — I’m out here getting ‘prove it’ type contracts where I’m out here, they got me trying to earn a million dollars to make some type of catches,” the wide receiver said of Brady. “So to say you’re my friend — I shouldn’t be playing on those types of deals when I just came with you and won the Super Bowl.”

He continued, “So I think people like to be around me and spend time with me, but they’re not even seeing my value in that regards,” Brown continued. “If you check the stats and the history, which is what we get paid off of, which we go about, the work and the intangibles — I would think I could deserve more than be worrying about earning money instead of worrying about winning another Super Bowl.”

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