Saturday, July 2, 2022

Joe Rogan: ‘Michelle Obama Could Beat Donald Trump’ in 2024 (Watch)

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan says he believes Michelle Obama could beat Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race – Screenshot of The Joe Rogan Podcast, Dec. 29, 2021

*Podcast host Joe Rogan says a Democratic presidential ticket led by Michelle Obama could beat former President Donald Trump in 2024.

“Michelle Obama … and they’re going to bring in (Vice President Kamala) Harris,” Rogan surmised Wednesday on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “Harris comes back as the vice president and Michelle Obama is the president. We get a double dose of diversity.”

Using the backhanded compliment “articulate” to describe a person of color, Rogan added: “I really believe if Michelle Obama runs, she wins. She’s great, she’s intelligent, she’s articulate, she’s the wife of the best president that we have had in our lifetime in terms of like a representative of intelligent articulate people.”

Rogan felt that the only Republican ticket who could beat an Obama/Harris run would be the “super team” of Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He said that the only other obstacle to Obama taking the White House in 2024 is if she “bought into some of these policies that are destroying businesses in America and are making people scared. If she somehow or another supported or showed any support for lockdowns and mandates and all this craziness that’s going on.”

A November poll by The Hill-HarrisX showed Harris is the lead among likely voters if President Joe Biden decided not to run for a second term with 13% in support. Michelle Obama came in second with 10%.




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