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Tamera Mowry Speaks Out About Toxic Environment on ‘The Real’ Set

*Tamera Mowry-Housley is keeping it real about her experience on the daytime talk show, “The Real.”

Speaking to Lewis Howes, the former child star gets candid about the moment she realized “The Real” set was toxic and not a “safe space” for her. 

“They will take what you say, put it out of context of who they think you are and that is what happened for years on that show,” she said, as reported by Essence. “I will tell you this, being on a talk show and you can take it or leave it, it’s not a safe space. It’s not. I wish someone would have told me that because then I would have been prepared. I was not. I learned. Think of going to battle but you don’t know you’re going to battle.”

Mowry exited the show in 2020.

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“At the end I was fully armed. You can watch the beginning of the season to the end of the season, you see this strong warrior,” she continued. “I wasn’t supposed to know it wasn’t a safe place because I wouldn’t be who I am now. I’ve learned so much about myself doing that show.”

So, what did she learn from her time on “The Real”?

“It is ok to be vulnerable. It is ok to speak your truth,” she continued. “Just because there are people out there who may not agree with your truth, it doesn’t mean there aren’t many people who do. What I found out is, I’d rather have people dislike me for who I truly am than who I’m pretending to be. That’s the reality of it.”

You can watch the full interview below. 

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