Thursday, September 29, 2022

T.I. Accuses ATL Mayoral Candidate of Wanting to Shut Down Strip Clubs


*Rapper T.I. is reportedly spreading false information that an Atlanta, Georgia mayoral candidate wants to “shut down all strip clubs in the city” if elected.

Per The Blast, T.I .took to Instagram to share an article from MTO about mayoral candidate Felicia Moore and a video clip of her discussing city code enforcement. 

T.I. slammed Moore on Instagram, claiming that his way of life is “being threatened.”

“If you’re a club owner, a bartender, a dancer, promoter, valet driver, or just a visitor who subscribes to the culture of this city… understand that OUR LIVELIHOODS & WAYS OF LIFE is being threatened. I’d hate for you to wake up tomorrow and your destiny now rests in the hands of people who could care less about your concerns or best interests… THE TIME IS NOW‼️” he wrote.

He continued, “Your hustle WILL be halted & our city WILL GO to the right-wing conservatives who been looking for ways to stop the shine of the culture. Don’t wait till it’s too late to make a difference‼️ GO VOTE (Andre Dickens) TOMORROW‼️ Or pack it up & head elsewhere cause it’ll NEVER be the same again.”

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Here’s more from NewsOne:

There’s just one hitch; there’s no indication that Moore is trying to destroy Atlanta’s nightlife. A nearly five-year-old video was shared in the egregious article to “prove” Moore’s desire to shut down all the strip clubs, except she doesn’t say what the article claims.  A quick google search shows several other sites are running with this claim without any attempt to verify the accuracy of the allegation. As recently as Monday night, it was again reiterated that Moore does not want to get rid of Atlanta’s nightlife.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter took to Twitter to slam the false information about Moore.

“There are some fake articles/posts going around saying Felicia Moore wants to shut down Atlanta’s strip clubs/restrict their hours… that is false,” J.D. Capeluoto tweeted. “She has said multiple times that she doesn’t support closing clubs.” 


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Moore made headlines last year when she committed on videos showing patrons inside the city’s popular bars and strip clubs wearing no masks amid the COVID pandemic. 

“If they were out doing all that partying this weekend, they should self-quarantine and they ought to get tested,” Moore said, as reported by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. “In the nightclubs, they were packed in like sardines,” she added. 

“It’s a big concern, and I would not be surprised to see the numbers go up again as they did over Memorial Day weekend and the Fourth of July, additionally, for the Black community which has been disproportionately affected during this pandemic, it was startling to witness our youth engaging in behaviors which may ultimately affect the health of their more vulnerable family members,” she said.

In a video posted on Nov. 8, Moore talks about wanting to meet with Atlanta business owners to discuss city code enforcement.

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