Friday, September 30, 2022

The Black Business Company to Launch Game-Changing Digital Networking Platform to Empower Black Businesses

Black Business Company - BBCO (color)
Black Business Company – BBCO

*It’s not a secret that Black businesses across America need help growing and sustaining their respective service(s) or product-driven entities.

And while the current pandemic has disproportionately impacted Black business owners and entrepreneurs, data show that even before the pandemic, many Black business owners and entrepreneurs across the country were experiencing poor business outcomes.  Much of the downward trajectories of Black businesses and Black entrepreneurs can be attributed to the limited or even absence of supportive ecosystems dedicated to the startup, growth, and sustainability of African American businesses.

In a quest to establish and maintain a strong and wide-sweeping supportive networking platform, specifically for Black businesses, entrepreneur Michael Sadler, in partnership with his brother Bryan Sadler, started The Black Business Company (BBCO).

“BBCO is the first search engine-like platform dedicated to empowering Black businesses and individual  Black entrepreneurs,” Michael Sadler told Lee Bailey of in an exclusive interview.  “Our platform seeks to be an ecosystem, a marketplace that supports new and existing Black businesses, whether they are freelancers or have brick-and-mortar locations.  Whatever type of business that you have, BBCO will make it easier for people to find Black businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Sadler understands that Black companies and entrepreneurs with services or products must be in a position where consumers can find and contact them when looking for African American-owned businesses, including creative entrepreneurs and artists’ artwork and crafts.

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Michael Sadler - The Black Business Company (BBCO)
Michael Sadler – The Black Business Company (BBCO)

“We want to create an opportunity and answer the demand of people who want to get more involved in supporting Black entrepreneurship and Black businesses,“ said Sadler.  “We know that no matter who you are, what you represent, and how you choose to move in your career, there are Black professionals out there who provide the services and products that you need. We’ll help you find and connect with the right people.”

According to Sadler, the Los Angeles-based BBCO’s platform will offer educational and business tools to help Black businesses, including SEO, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat ads, and more.

One of the most amazing things about BBCO, said Sadler, is that listing your Black business is free.  BBCO is the right source for any Black-owned service provider or Black product provider who needs more business, more funding, and greater market shares.”

Sadler said BBCO will fully launch on January 1, 2022. The company is currently signing up Black business owners for early access to BBCO.  Sadler suggests that interested Black business owners go to BBCO’s landing page at to register.

“People will first be able to learn about the mission of BBCO and get an idea of how the platform will work for them,” Sadler explained. “They can also sign up for early access to our waitlist and receive our weekly newsletter, which covers developments in the Black business community, BBCO business features, and updates about our platform launch.”

Black Business Company - BBCO (coffee meet up)
Black Business Company – BBCO (coffee meet up)

Sadler believes BBCO is a game-changer for Black businesses and Black entrepreneurs, and under his top executive leadership, there are real opportunities to grow, sustain, and succeed in the world of business.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Business from the University of Southern California (USC), Sadler has worked as a management consultant for a well-known technology firm in Southern California.  He has also worked in the Silicon Beach District of Southern California, home of more than 500 technology companies, where he thrived as a marketing executive.  Over the past decade, Sadler’s expertise has been rooted in digital marketing management, including overseeing Google Ad budgets and theatrical clients, respectively.

Following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Sadler observed a vast uptick in digital searches for terms like “Black business,” “Black-owned business,” and “Black Entrepreneurs.”  Under The Black Business Company banner, Sadler subsequently created a first-of-its-kind search engine, marketplace, and solid ecosystem for Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

Sadler told Lee Bailey that BBCO wants to register at least 100,000 Black businesses by December 2022.  There are currently approximately 2.1 million Black businesses registered in the United States.  While BBCO is primarily for Black Business-owners, Sadler said that non-Black companies and entrepreneurs could list their businesses under certain conditions.

“If you want to create a business account with BBCO, you must be a Black business or Black entrepreneur,” Sadler said.  “However, for other ethnicities to list their businesses on BBCO’s platform, they must invest in Black-allied businesses and entrepreneurships. They must demonstrate that they are making financial contributions to the Black community and helping  Black causes.”

Black Business Company - BBCO
Black Business Company – BBCO

In essence, BBCO is dedicated to helping Black businesses and solo entrepreneurs overcome many of the systemic barriers and conditions that have existed for more than a century to prevent Black businesses from starting, growing, and succeeding.

“BBCO is on a mission to give Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, along with Black allied businesses that support them, an amplified voice and stronger presence in their respective markets and communities,’ Sadler said.  “And through our search engine digital platform and other strategies and approaches, we’ll make it easier for people and businesses to find and do business with Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs. By having your business on our platform, you will automatically accumulate star ratings from people who have frequented your business or hired your services.”

For additional information about The Black Business Company (BBCO) and opportunities, email or or call 213.713.2283.  To register “free of charge” as a Black business owner or Black entrepreneur, go to BBCO’s landing page at




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