Wednesday, May 25, 2022

On ‘STEVE’: The Silver Fox Squad Fellas Are Aging with Swag and Style! | WATCH

Steve Harvey & Silver Fox Squad
Steve Harvey & Silver Fox Squad

*A brand new episode of STEVE on Watch is AVAILABLE NOW on Facebook Watch!

In today’s new episode, the well-dressed Silver Fox Squad is changing the narrative of aging through the power of style & fashion, which Steve Harvey greatly admires and offers his own takes on style. Steve Harvey gets gifted some new fashion pieces and even becomes an honorary member of the Silver Fox Squad!

The fellas of the Silver Fox Squad are aging like fine wine! The well-dressed group shows off their impeccable style while sharing their goal of inspiring older gentlemen through the power of fashion. Plus, Steve Harvey becomes an honorary member!

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Episode highlights include:

  • Irvin Randle, Founder of the Silver Fox Squad, on why they made their recent viral video and raising money for young boys in Baltimore

○      “After 50, they pretty much, you know, put us to the side. I wanted a couple brothers with me to show that we don’t have to sit down just because we’re 50.” – Irvin Randle

○      “We got almost…10 million plus on the video. And then when we got that, I said to myself, I’ve got to do something with this group. I’ve got to do something. And we went to Baltimore at the beginning of the pandemic. We were going to have an event to raise money to give to some young boys in Baltimore to show them we want to help you, you know, we’re here.” – Irvin Randle

  • Jean Titus of the Silver Fox Squad on the rumor of aging and Steve Harvey’s own thoughts on not wanting to let old age take himself away

○      “You know a lot of people, male and female, once they start to hit 35, you know, the rumor out there is that things are supposed to decline and people just accept it. But if you look at us, right, we’re living examples that it doesn’t have to be the case.” – Jean Titus

○      “I believe just in what you’re saying. I’m not just going to sit over here and let old age come take me away…I don’t want to walk old. I don’t want to look old. I don’t want to dress old.” – Steve Harvey

  • Steve Harvey discusses The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation

○      “And the thing that you’re doing for these young boys which is what my foundation has always been about. My whole foundation is I take care of boys from single parent homes headed up by women, who don’t have fathers or male role-models in direction in their life. And it’s hard to put that on the mother when she has no idea how to be a man. Now they love them, they do a great job as single mothers and they do the best they can, but how to get that boy to manhood is a daunting challenge. And for you all to have that as part of the mission is exceptional, man. And the draw is the look…you all got this fashion game on lock!” – Steve Harvey

  • Irvin Randle gives admiring words and a few surprises to Steve Harvey

○      “We want to say to you Mr. Steve, we admire you, we see what you’re doing and you so much inspire us. We have a gift for you…” – Irvin Randle

○      “As the leader of this group of the Silver Fox Squad, we would like to personally invite you to be a member and your name is on the back, sir…we would like for you to be a Silver Fox.” – Irvin Randle

○      “I would be honored, man.” – Steve Harvey




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