Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Angela Simmons Opens Up to Taraji Regarding Domestic Abuse | WATCH


*Sometimes you watch individuals on television and think that they have everything all figured out. However, if you’ve got a monocle of commonsense, you’re aware that people are just people, for better or worse.

On the latest ep of Peace of Mind with Taraji the topic was “Why Do Women Stay In Hurtful Relationships?” Well, on the show, realty TV personality/talk show host, and daughter to Rev Run (Joseph Simmons), Angela Simmons, opened up about why she stayed in an abusive relationship for longer than logic advised her to. She described their relationship as “great” at first.

“I didn’t fully see it until it was too late, you know?” Simmons said. “Like once you’re knee-deep in a relationship and you’re like, is this really my life? And then every time there’s a sorry, I don’t know how you wind up staying. Like, you just, you think they’re really sorry. Or it’s not gonna happen again.”

“A lot of it was mental, but then when I started seeing bruises and stuff, I was like, okay, this is actually real,” Simmons shared.

“It shook me up. Like I felt horrible after it all, you know what I mean? Like I feel broken. You know, maybe it’s me,” the 34-year-old said. “And that is the hardest part in a relationship. Like when you feel like you’re the reason, like how could I make someone so upset that they’re gonna treat me like that?”

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