Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ringside Update/Fury vs Wilder III: The Final Chapter

*There’s an old saying folks that “the third time is a charm.”

The first time these two (Deaontay Wilder and Tyson Fury) got together in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, it ended in a draw if many of you can recall.

And the second time in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena it ended in the seventh round after Wilder got knocked down three times.

What made this one go down in boxing history as a great fight was that it went into 1:10 seconds of the eleventh round when Wilder who showed great heart and courage got knocked out.

Folks, I got to tell you something. There were five knockdowns in this fight with two at the hands of Wilder in the third round and three at the hands of Fury in the fourth and these guys fought like gladiators in what turned out to be one of the greatest heavyweight fights in our modern era.

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Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder in round 11 in 3rd fight (10-09-21) - Getty
Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder in round 11 in 3rd fight (10-09-21) – Getty

This was an epic battle between two giant heavyweights who both stood in excess of six foot five and reminded this writer so much of the fights of yesteryear between Riddick “Big Daddy” Bowe vs Evander Holifield, Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier. Need I say more?

Whatever you might want to say about Deontay Wilder, you certainly can’t say he didn’t have the courage or fortitude to fight this big guy who towered him at 6ft 7″ and weight in at 277lbs and stopped him in their last bout in seven rounds.

My hat certainly goes off to Wilder but I really believe that he took too many hits to the head in this one and we all know what the end result will be later on in life if he continues to fight in the manner that he did. I really wish him well and I pray that he will use the wisdom that God has given him, but as I always say, we’ll see what happens. This was indeed a great fight between two of boxing’s best we shall stay tuned for what happens next.

“When the tide goes out, that’s when you’ll find out who’s been swimming naked” – Warren Buffett

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