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Kash Doll: ‘I Went from Stripper to Major Playa’ + She Dishes on ‘BMF’ with Cast: Catch Some Sneak Peeks | WATCH

*50 Cent’s “BMF” series is shattering records for Starz and will be renewed for a second season.  The cast catches up with radio and TV personality Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers to celebrate and dish about the show as well as share a little about their own personal journeys.  It tells the real life story of the Black Mafia Family and the two Detroit kingpins “Big Meech” and “Southwest T” who formed a huge drug empire in the 80s.

Rapper Kash Doll, who plays Monique, the girlfriend of both Big Meech and his brutal enemy Lamar, says she can relate to the brothers hustle.

“I’m from Detroit. I started off dancing and I made $26,000 one night so I started stacking my money.  I stacked a quarter of a million dollars,  opened up a few beauty bars around the Midwest, then started buying and fixing up properties and then put my money in my career.  Now I’m in the biggest TV show.”

Kash Doll tells EURweb Spotlight that playing the sexy, ‘savage’ Monique was like being herself but the hardest part was the styles.

“it wasn’t so hard playing her but I don’t know nuthin’ about the 80s like the press on nails. No big make up just concealer and mascara.  The first couple episodes I was running in there crying but  I had to chuck it up and put my big girl panites on and then I fell in love with Monique and was looking forward to the pink fuschia lips and curly wigs,” she quips.  And nah, she wouldn’t rock a style like that now.

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Kash Doll (Getty)
Kash Doll (Getty)

Kash Doll says she’s grateful for the success of her new single which just dropped (“Single and Happy”), but in reality she’s happy and still boo’ed up with rapper Tracy T.

“I made the song when I was single and the message is you really have to be single and happy in order to be happy in a relationship  because you have to get to know yourself and be happy with yourself first before you decide to be in a relationship.”

As for her comment about gifts being her love language years ago, she says she still likes those expensive gifts but,  “I wouldn’t buy anybody gifts cuz Im a trick mama,” she jokes.

Ajiona Alexus in 'Breaking In.'
Ajiona Alexus in ‘Breaking In.’ Photo: Paul Sarkis

Jazmyn also chops it up with Ajiona Alexis who plays Kato,  one of the hardest hustling members of the BMF crew.

“Kato is the lady of the crew. She is a hustler and (she’s) determined,” gushes Ajiona. “I’m so happy I could (play) a dominant female role especially being a Black woman, you have to be strong. You have to be dominant to survive.”

Ajiona reveals to  EURweb.com Spotlight that there’s a secret that Kato is harboring  that ultimately threatens her life.  So, does she live to see season two?  You’ll just have to watch to find out.

Myles Truitt plays B-Mickie, the Meech brothers’ day one and number three in the gang.

“He’s like their left hand man.  He does the things that they wouldn’t necessarily do but he has a whole lifestyle that he’s living that they’re oblivious to and he’s having to maneuver around,” he shares.

“The tea is there’s a lot of tea.” Ajiona says about her and Myles’ characters.  They have  a secret that shocks the entire BMF squad.

Visionary showrunner Randy Huggins is the man behind the series.  He says he spent hours talking to the real “Big Meech” to craft the show.

“The story is based on family, a family drama centered on these two brothers.  It’s bigger than just a drug story. I really wanted to capture the 80s and the essence of Detroit as a character as much as Baltimore is a character in the Wire. That city made me, made “Big Meech,” Terry and Kash Doll.”

BMF - 'BMFs' Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Executive Producer), Randy Huggins (Showrunner, Executive Producer), Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. (Meech Flenory), Da’Vinchi  (Terry Flenory), Russell Hornsby (Charles Flenory), Michole Briana White (Lucille Flenory)
‘BMFs’ Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Executive Producer), Randy Huggins (Showrunner, Executive Producer), Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. (Meech Flenory), Da’Vinchi  (Terry Flenory), Russell Hornsby (Charles Flenory), Michole Briana White (Lucille Flenory)

Russell Hornsby plays the Meech boys’ pops, Charles Flenory and Michole Briana White plays their mother, Lucille Flenory.

Michole says of Lucille Flenory: “I’m the spiritual matriarch of the family, the anchor and she leads from behind.” She says she spoke regularly with the real Lucille to make sure she played her authentically.

Hornsby says his character Charles is a “hard working, blue collar, God fearing man wanting to be a support for his family, and his children and doing his best to keep his kids out of harms way.”

Russell Hornsby - BMF Season 1 2021
Russell Hornsby plays “Lil Meech”‘s father in the BMF series

Russell also tells Jaz, “There is a lot of tension in the house.  You’re talking about a family that is also very loving and nurturing. The father feels that all he’s worked for and given up was betrayed (by his sons). He believes that if you can work you can get somewhere but his kids say that’s the old way we can get there another way.”

When they discover that both sons are involved in the trap game, the pain is real and they are torn over whether to accept “dirty” money to pay off their mortgage when their house falls into foreclosure.

50 Cent and BMF actors Demetrius Flenory & Da'Vinchi (STARZ)
50 Cent and BMF actors Demetrius Flenory & Da’Vinchi (Photo: STARZ)

The 80s was when the CIA flooded Black communities with crack cocaine causing massive devastation. Does the series look at the destruction, the shattered families and broken lives that the crack plague caused?  Not in season one but it’s already renewed for season two.  So stay tune.

For more on Kash Doll’s personal story, the other cast members on the show and some sneak peeks of upcoming episodes watch the video above.

jazmyn summers headshot
Jazmyn Summers

Interview/article by Jazmyn Summers. Follow her @jaztalk1 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And subscribe to her YouTube channel. Video editing by www.patrickhousefilms.com




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