Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tina Turner Sells Out for $50 Milly – So Would You if You Had the Chance

Tina Turner - Getty
Tina Turner – Getty

*One of the most confusing phrases in the Black lexicon must be “Don’t sell out.”

Indeed, because in a society that commoditizes everything, not selling out could cost an individual a lot of chicken.  

Recently, rock/soul/R&B icon Tina Turner sold her enormous catalog to BMG, the company reported last week. The deal means that Tina’s name, image, artist’s and writer’s shares of her recordings are now owned by BMG. 

The company also stated they will continue to partner with Turner and that Warner Music will remain her record label. 

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“Tina Turner’s musical journey has inspired hundreds of millions of people around the world and continues to reach new audiences,” said BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch in a news release. “We are honored to take on the job of managing Tina Turner’s musical and commercial interests. It is a responsibility we take seriously and will pursue diligently. She is truly and simply, the best.” 

Though BMG did not give a specific number, British Broadcasting Company is reporting that the deal may be worth more than $50 million.  

So, before you get upset that a mega-media company such as BMG has purchased another chunk of African American culture, and before you side eye Tina Turner for selling to said company, just remember that at 81 years-old Madam Turner is likely getting her ducks in a row, and $50 million goes a long way toward tying things together.  

 “Like any artist, the protection of my life’s work, my musical inheritance, is something personal,” Turner said in the release. “I am confident that with BMG and Warner Music my work is in professional and reliable hands.” 

Ricardo A. Hazell began his career in journalism in 1996 as a Research Intern for the prestigious Editor & Publisher Co. His byline has appeared in The Root, Washington Post, Black Enterprise and he helped define culture within the African Diaspora as Senior Cultural Contributor at The Shadow League. Currently working on the semi-autobiographical novel "Remorse".




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