Friday, May 14, 2021

AG Ellison Asks Judge to Give Derek Chauvin MAX Sentence for ‘Particular Cruelty’ to Geo. Floyd

george floyd - derek chauvin
George Floyd and Derek Chauvin

*As far as Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Attorney General is concerned, Minnesota’s guidelines for locking up criminals does not go far enough for the heinous crime that Derek Chauvin perpetrated on George Floyd. He describes what the ex-cop did to Floyd as “particular cruelty.”

Earlier this week, Ellison filed docs asking Peter A. Cahill to impose a stiffer sentence than he otherwise might under state sentencing guidelines, which recommend just 12.5 years. The reality is that Cahill has the authority to throw the book at Chauvin and give him  could give him the max of 40 years.

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If Cahill does go along with the AG and give Chauvin more that n the 12.5 years recommended by the guidelines, he would have to find evidence of aggravating factors in the case. Ellison says, that’s not a problem.

Ellison hasn’t exactly made it clear what the state is seeking in terms of a sentence, but it appears they want Chauvin behind bars for way longer than just a decade and change because he was especially cruel while killing Floyd, as evidenced by the number of times he ignored Floyd’s screams. Remember, Ellison calls it “particular cruelty.”

Here’s more via TMZ …

Ellison notes Chauvin stayed on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes, despite the fact George was telling cops how much pain he was in … that he couldn’t breathe … and that he was going to die. Floyd complained about not being able to breathe a whopping 27 times.

Chauvin’s defense attorney, Eric Nelson, is arguing for the opposite — saying Chauvin was authorized to use that force for an actively resisting suspect. The problem with that argument is Chauvin’s own superiors testified he’d broken department protocol.

Ellison’s filing is interesting in light of what he said on “60 Minutes” last week — that Chauvin shouldn’t get the maximum sentence just to set an example. Instead, he said the judge should give him whatever the case merits.

By the way, Chauvin is scheduled to hear his fate on June 25. Meanwhile, the trials of the other three ex-MPD officers are set to begin in August.



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