Thursday, June 30, 2022

Recognition: Fallon Features True Creators of Viral TikTok Dances After Addison Rae Backlash (Watch)

Tonight Show - TikTok Dance Creators
Tonight Show – TikTok Dance Creators (Apr 6, 2021)

*Jimmy Fallon has finally responded to the backlash over his recent segment featuring white TikTok star Addison Rae teaching him several viral dances, with zero credit given to the choreography’s mostly Black creators.

On Monday’s broadcast, Fallon’s first since being off for a week, he invited the creators of those dances to appear on the show.

“On our last show before the break, we did a bit with Addison Rae, where she taught me eight viral TikTok Dances,” Fallon said at the beginning of the segment. “Now we recognize that the creators of those dances deserve to have their own spotlight, so right now, some of the creators will join me to talk about how their dance went viral, and then perform the dance themselves.”

Fallon was called out on social media for not crediting any of the dance creators in the original March 26 bit with Rae. Among the most vocal critics was Mya Johnson, a 15-year-old Houstonian who co-created a dance with her friend Chris Cotter, set to Cardi B’s “Up.” Johnson and Cotter were Fallon’s first guests, appropriately, and they discussed what it was like when their video went viral — especially after Cardi herself shared the clip. They then performed the dance.

Next was Dorian Scott, AKA “yvnggprince,” the creator of the “Corvette Corvette” dance, set to “Adderall (Corvette, Corvette) by Pop Humma. HE was followed by Fly Boy Fu, who made “Laffy Taffy Remix,” and Indii, who created the dance set to it. Then came the three guys known on TikTok as @MACDADDYS who created the viral dance set to The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.” And last was Keara Wilson, who created a viral dance set to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage.”

Watch the entire segment below.




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