Thursday, September 29, 2022

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Tells Residents Marijuana Legalization Will ‘Kill Your Kids’ [Video]

*Nebraska’s Republican governor Pete Ricketts has launched a campaign against medical marijuana in his state, telling residents that legalizing the drug will kill their children.

“This is a dangerous drug that will impact our kids,” Ricketts told reporters on Wednesday. “If you legalize marijuana, you’re gonna kill your kids. That’s what the data shows from around the country.”

Meanwhile, cannabis has never been linked to a fatal overdose. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, “No deaths from overdose of marijuana have been reported.”

Big pot, big marijuana is a big industry. This a big industry that is trying not to be regulated, to go around the regulatory process. And that’s going to put people at risk, when you go around regulations that are designed for the health and safety of our society,” Ricketts continued. 

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While a fatal fatal marijuana overdose is unlikely, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted that consuming the THC may result in “extreme confusion, anxiety, paranoia, panic, fast heart rate, delusions or hallucinations, increased blood pressure, and severe nausea or vomiting.” 

Here’s more from Complex:

The governor’s comments came as state lawmakers consider Legisilative Bill 474, which would legalize cannabis use for medicinal purposes in Nebraska. The bill, which doesn’t legalize nor decriminalize recreational marijuana, also includes strict rules for consumption. Patients would be allowed to take the substance in tinctures, oils, and pill form, but would be prohibited from smoking it in both public and private spaces. The legislation also doesn’t include any employment protections for those with medical marijuana cards.

Nebraska Sen. Anna Wishart introduced LB474 back in January to provide ailing residents with easy access to medical marijuana.

“On the journey to legalize medical cannabis in Nebraska, I have met so many brave people that inspire me,” she said earlier this year, per KETV7. “Veterans who have lost limbs in war serving our country, cancer survivors who have beaten all odds, people with debilitating pain who refuse to give up, and kids like Colton who suffer from seizures at such a young age and still show up to their life with a smile. All of these Nebraskans deserve the right to access a plant-based medicine that has evolved with humans for over 10,000+ years. None of them should be treated like criminals in our state.”

Medical marijuana is legal in 36 US states and the District of Columbia.

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