Thursday, April 22, 2021

‘Millennials’ Exclusive Clip: Omar and Jeff Spy on the Boss [WATCH]

*We have an exclusive clip of this week’s episode of “Millennials” starring Kyle Massey, Keraun ‘King Keraun’ Harris, Philip Bolden and Aaron Grady as 20-something roommates chasing their dreams in Los Angeles.

The series recently debuted on AMC Networks’ newly relaunched streaming service ALLBLK.

The six-episode original sitcom is centered on the lives of four roommates and their neighbors across the hall, as they navigate the chaos of being young and finding success, and themselves, in the city of angels. This week finds Jaheem’s (Harris) so-called black activist cousin Adrian, coming to town and he begins to brainwash all the guys with his unethical beliefs. Meanwhile, Todd (Grady) joins an experimental medical trial to make some fast money but it gives him bizarre side effects. Check out the clip above. 

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Millennials - KA1 (1)

We caught up with the cast at AMC’s TCA panel earlier this month to dish about the central theme of brotherhood and exploring the bond between Black men. Series EP Bentley Kyle Evans described the series as “the flip” to “Living Single,” which centered on the lives of six Black women who shared personal and professional experiences while living in a Brooklyn brownstone.

“The black experience from a male’s perspective hasn’t really been seen in a fellowship kind of scenario,” Bentley told us during TCA. “You’ve seen it as individuals and in family situations, but I think it was like we wanted to give a message of what that black experience was like, like that dorm room experience and with this ensemble piece, I think we’re able to capture that in a very unique way.”

Bolden added, “We see a lot of the negative on the evening news and everything like that so for us to be able to see the real stories of black people from different walks of life in varying stages of success and just being together and being positive and uplifting, I’m really excited for people to see that.”

Evans continued, “It’s interesting because we all have a beginning. We all start somewhere and no matter what we end up doing with our lives, there was a nucleus that got us to where we needed to go.  And that’s what we’re trying to show with this show,” the explained.”It’s the innocence of individuals that are out on their own for the very first time and they’re coming together on one stage to share their immaturity and also show what their evolution is going to be through the series.  And hopefully, they’ll be seasons and seasons in which we can play that.”

Download the ALLBLK App to watch the series on the go.

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