Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Hosts New Series ‘One Question, One Mike’ Premiering March 3 on Facebook Watch

*Los Angeles – Author, minister, Princeton PhD, hip hop scholar and self-proclaimed student of the streets Dr. Michael Eric Dyson has a new series on Facebook Watch, One Question, One Mike, premiering on March 3. The show is part of Facebook Watch’s We the Culture programming, aimed at amplifying the voices of Black content creators.

In the debut episode, GRAMMY award-winning rapper Big Sean discusses his journey with mental health, sharing about past suicidal ideation while holding a gun. “I for sure contemplated suicide many times…planning it out to the point where I said, ‘If I do kill myself, my family will have this amount of money,” the Detroit native shared with Dr. Dyson. “I took the time off, cancelled everything I was doing, sought therapy, connected with God more, spiritually grounded myself, and put myself first as a priority for the first time ever.”

Psychiatrist, Dr. Jess Clemmons, also appears on the episode, which is titled “Muscle of the Mind.” Dr. Dyson and his guests to discuss the importance of caring for your mental health and combating the stigma of mental health in Black communities.

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Michael Eric Dyson - screenshot“With One Question, One Mike, I wanted to create a platform that amplified Black voices and paid homage to the Civil Rights Movement, that provided a blueprint for any group that has suffered as a result of the fight for equality and justice,” says Dr. Dyson of his show. “One Question, One Mike is important because it raises important questions about who we are and our contributions to the world.”

Dr. Dyson created the show alongside his wife, writer and business strategist Marcia L. Dyson, who also serves as the show’s co-executive producer. “As a social activist, writer and business strategist, I have an intimate look behind the scenes,” says Mrs. Dyson. “People always inundate Mike with ‘one more question.’ The show provides the opportunity to ask and answer questions that celebrate the impact and importance of the Black community while also exploring a variety of cultural issues specifically through a Black lens.”

One Question, One Mike is the latest offering in a varied catalogue of content by Black creators supported by Facebook as part of their We the Culture initiative. We the Culture grew out of the company’s announcement last summer — following the murder of George Floyd — that it would invest $200 million to support Black-owned businesses and organizations, including $25 million earmarked for Black content creators.

Check out One Question, One Mike on Facebook Watch starting this Wednesday, March 3 at 2pm PT/5pm ET.



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