Monday, January 24, 2022

Ja Rule Announces Launch of His App Iconn, Says Trump Allowed to Join

Ja Rule

*Ja Rule’s connection to the disastrous Fyre Festival isn’t quite behind him, as the rapper recently announced the launch of Iconn, his celebrity booking app developed with Fyre Media, the company behind the infamous event.

The rapper says the Proud Boys are not permitted to join Iconn, but Donald Trump, most certainly is welcome on the new app. We previously reported, Trump has been banned from a number of social media platforms for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot, including Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Shopify and Snapchat.

Ja said Trump can create an account on Iconn only if he doesn’t encourage his radical supporters to wild out on the app.

“It’s freedom for everybody,” Ja told TMZ. “But I suppose if he started doing crazy things like trying to rile up his base and get the proud boys going on Iconn, then he got to go. Any funny shit out of you Donnie and you gotta go.”

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The rapper continued, “[Jack Dorsey] said it best when he [banned] Trump. He said that he believes that it’s the right thing to do but he also believes this is a slippery slope. And that’s exactly what I felt about it—the decision that was made. I really do believe it was the right decision because the rhetoric and the things he was tweeting … they rushed the goddamn Capitol for christ’s sake. Something had to be done.” Ja added, “So Trump, come on over to Iconn and get yourself a page. But you better behave.”

Meanwhile, Ja Rule recently slammed Robinhood’s decision to restrict certain stocks amid the GameStop controversy.

The rapper told Rolling Stone that he’s been using the app for years now and wasn’t too pleased with the company’s semi-lockdown last week.

“The big Wall Street guys have been shorting these stocks. These guys decided to make the stock go through the roof, which in turn makes the big whales that shorted the stock now have to buy it,” Ja Rule said. “…That helped the little guy make a lot of money and I thought that was very interesting. It was an uprising of people tired of getting pushed around.”

The rapper went on to praise Robinhood overall.

“I love Robinhood,” he said. “You know what’s so crazy: Just a day ago, I tweeted great things about Robinhood, telling people it’s an amazing app and everyone should get it. And then this happens and I’m like, wow, what a difference 24 hours makes.

“I still think the concept is amazing – putting the power of trade in people’s hands. It gave you the feeling of being on the [trading] floor … Then this, today, when they shut off all those stocks? That felt very wrong.”


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