Saturday, March 6, 2021

Who is Oscar Nominated Gatsby Randolph?

*Kobie Randolph has a story that has now put him in the running for an Oscar. However, it’s not as Kobie but as his alter ego, Gatsby Randolph. Who?!

Just like most people who make it to The City of Angels, Kobie came for a dream. After having a major deal lined up in the music industry as soon as he touched down in Los Angeles the deal fell through.

“It follows my life pretty accurately.” Randolph states, “Either shot in real-time or me reenacting what happened.”

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Once Kobie reinvented himself as Gatsby he made a plan to get in the rooms with the big wigs of the industry. Walking right onto his first red carpet he ended up face to face with Sidney Poitier. Which changed his life forever.

“The first thing I did was I created Gatsby Randolph. I was like they may not accept Kobie Randolph, because Kobie Randolph just had the door slammed in his face.” He went on saying, “But I thought, ‘what if I reinvent myself as Gatsby Randolph?’ As Gatsby Randolph is a young black aristocrat inspired by imagination.”

The Memphis native knew he was onto something with the different treatment. Ending up in rooms with the heavy hitters like Jay-Z, Jeff Bezos, Oprah and so many more. Shifting his focus from music to making a documentary based on his life called “Who Is Gatsby Randolph?” He calls it the first “reality-movie.”

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“Even though it’s a documentary it plays like a movie,” an excited Randolph explains. “It took five years to have to go back and reenact these moments and not reenact them with actors who look like the stars. I had to go find the actual people!”

Who is Gatsby Randolph?” follows Kobie Randolph’s alter ego Gatsby through this journey in a cinematic form. Starting with him walking onto the Vanity Fair red carpet with a fake Oscar and ending the same way. The documentary is a funny, poignant a wild ride through the red carpets and hills of Hollywood with unfettered access to all the glitz and glamour the city is built on.

Catch the Academy Award-nominated doc streaming on Blk Prime on February 23. Oh and don’t miss the 93rd Academy Awards show on Sunday, April 25.



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