Thursday, August 11, 2022

Razzle! Dazzle! There’s A New Rev In Town: Richard Hartley! / EUR Exclusive WATCH

The Rev

*Who is The Rev? What is The Rev? Why should you get to know Richard Hartley? Well, Richard “The Rev” Hartley is the outspoken and eccentric founder, pastor, and choirmaster of Haven International Ministries in Queens, NY. After traveling the world for years to coach choirs, he is happy to be back home with his family and ready to take his congregation’s choir to world-class status.

Richard is married to his high school sweetheart and first lady of the church, Stacey. When it comes to family, Richard has a unique approach to parenting that sometimes clashes with the wife’s, but he always has a master plan for dealing with and raising their kids Jordan and Judea. Even though his methods may seem unorthodox, he always gets results.

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A former singer and musical director, Richard has spent much of his career helping major artists and choirs sound their best. He has performed with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, among others, and he’s appeared on the Grammy Awards, BET, “The David Letterman Show,” “The Phil Donahue Show,” “The Donnie McClurkin Show” and more. Richard believes God put him on Earth to be a rock star, so he fully embraces his over-the-top tendencies. That’s not to say he doesn’t wrestle with everything that comes with being a pastor as he sometimes struggles to practice what he preaches.

Richard Hartley is so much fun and EURweb sat down with this bundle of energy and joy to talk about his new documentary-comedy on the USA Network, “The Rev“, airing Thursday nights, 10:30/9:30c.  The show is a cornucopia of amusement. Between the not so talented church choir, Richard Hartley’s over the top, boisterous personality and his grown children, living at home, the show provides minute to minute entertainment and laughs. Learning to navigate his new reality, Richard Hartley finds that there may be some cracks here and there, but he has the solutions … he is a pastor, you know!

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Richard “The Rev” Hartley told EURweb “that he is an artist and that he has been told, but doesn’t agree with, that he is eccentric, out of the box and over the top.” He also said that “he doesn’t know where over the top is, so he doesn’t know what they are talking about.”

Richard Hartley considers himself “authentically himself” and just very passionate about life and life. As a viewer, you’ll watch “The Rev” with a keen fashion sense and his leadership qualities, wrangle not only his congregation together but also his family. Richard Hartley is not new to wrangling people together. He started garnering this spiritual gift at the tender age of five when he started singing.  He was so good at singing, that by age seven, he was teaching the church choir how to sing.  A member of the church choir was his own mother and in Richard Hartley’s words, “he had to put his mom out the choir, because she was off-note, and couldn’t sing in the right notes.”

The Rev will keep your heart laughing and your spirit lifted. You’ll be able to follow this eccentric family, full of love, navigate church life, love lives, interpersonal relationships, music, education, career and family life on a daily basis.  How does he manage to balance all of these things and tend to his congregation, while also living his own life?  You find that all out, with this delightful new docu-comedy on the USA Network.

Make sure to check out the included sneak peek videos and watch our exclusive EURweb interview with Richard Hartley because he gives an impromptu at home concert, exclusively for EURweb and it’s a must watch! Then head on over to the USA Network, every Thursday, 10:30/9:30c. You can thank us later!




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