Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Guys of ‘Grown-ish’ Talk About Season 3 / EUR ExclusiveWATCH

*”Grown-ish is back for a third-ish season. Season 3b picks up with Zoe (Yara Shahidi) living life after dropping out of school. But back on campus, her old school mates are still dealing with college life and drama.  

This season, Aaron, played by Trevor Jackson, is getting back to his freshman roots as the campus activist. In the previous season, Aaron realized he didn’t agree with the organization he was a part of and took a break from them and a break from being as vocal as he was. But after a serious issue is brought to his attention he had to get back in his activism bag. 

“I think he’s just coming into his own. He knows what he wants, knows what he’ll tolerate,” says Jackson about his character Aaron.  

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Men of Gown -ish

Vivek (Jordan Buhat) and Doug (Diggy Simmons) seem to be switching places in the love/relationship department. Doug and Jazz are on a break, yet he can’t date anyone else so he’s not getting any action, while Vivek is finally getting attention from the ladies. And Luca is just being Luca, if you watch the show you get it.  

“Grown-ish” covers a lot of topics that young adults deal with on a daily basis, from relationship issues to college peer pressure and they often tackle political and social issues. The writers of the show are great at fitting in the message without the feeling of trying to beat you over the head with their point. 

“It’s a good introductory for people to get into these kinds of issues because it’s entertainment it’s something they like,” says Sabbat.

Luka Sabbat plays Luca Hall a free-spirited pothead that drops knowledge from time to time. Trevor Jackson also weighed in on how the show’s approach to covering important topics is helpful for the younger generation.

“A lot of young kids I think a lot of them know about it (social issues) but again they’re not comfortable to voice it or talk about it and I think this show gives them that green light to do so,” said Jackson.  

Season 3b of “Grown-ish” airs Thursday, January 21 on Freeform.  



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