Sunday, October 2, 2022

Revenge! Solange’s Teen Son Julez Brags of Leaking Sex Tape of Him and Skai Jackson

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Julez Smith and Skai Jackson (Instagram)

*Whoa! Talk about kissin’ and tellin’. Well, this is on some next level ish. We’re talking about Solange Knowles’ teenage son Julez Smith who apparently leaked videos of himself and former Disney child star Skai Jackson gettin’ busy. He supposedly did it ’cause she supposedly cheated on him and this was his “git-back” at her.

According to Rhymeswithsnitch, the foul-mouthed 16-year-old, whose full name is Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr., took to social media over the weekend to brag that he “f*cked her good and got her addicted then left her.”

Damn young man, where’d you pick up that kind of attitude/ Where’s your home training? OK, we digress

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Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Skai, the 18-year-old gained fame for her starring role as Zuri Ross in Disney’s TV series “Jessie.” She then became a popular internet meme, which made her famous. And she recently competed on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The bad news is that over the weekend a graphic video of Skai Jackson and Julez began circulating on social media along with a group chat message of Julez trashing Skai after an obviously nasty break-up.

Word is Julez was 15 and Skai was 17 when the video was recorded.

Check out some reactions:

sq said: Out of control….he is heading down the wrong path here. Beyonce will not sacrifice her brand for her nephew’s humiliating and deviant behavior..not her job…..skai, what were you thinking?

Unknown said: Lol he’s a lil bad ass I see but it’s not shocking. Wait until Blu Ivy and the others get older. They gonna be just as of the chain as well. Skai done met her match.

Laa soul said: Best believe Beyonce or someone from her camp called Solange to tell her son to gtfo social media and stop mentioning her name.

TheBarberLady said: Well he just admitted to revenge porn. A crime for which they will still hang his high yella ass by his toes and remind the world that even though hes not a “dark ass” hes still black enough to get fucked up. @10:39 you’re exactly right! He’s not new to this. This lil bitch been doing this and aunti been paying to keep it low



  1. Reading about Solange Son, he is definitely out of control. Tough Love, is truly needed here. Time out does not work in raising children today. You need to let your child know that you are in charge and you are not their equal or friend. Parent first. This is just over the top disrespectful behavior for any man. Young or old. Cut your losses and move on. Because in the end, you’re not only hurting the person, but yourself and everyone connected with you.

  2. Does anyone talk about the legal problems this could bring on? If they were both underage teenagers, regardless of who recorded and/or released it, he could get into some serious trouble for this. Where are his parents? Hell, where is Grandma? We know she needs to whip him. That’s the problem with kids of “celebrities”. To self-entitled and hardly ever face consequences.

  3. I would absolutely love to see the fuck video two black kids I’ve never heard of before in my life says mostly no one who who has a half a brain.

  4. I hope they eat good ass alive. That’s cold porn! He’s a dumb ass. I hope his aunt and uncle let him hang himself on this one.

  5. I hate how they always blame the girl he is messed up and skai wont stay a kid forever she is 18 almost 19 the is expected for young adults her age

  6. He needs to grow up. That’s not nice. He’s making me really mad. He needs to leave her alone. She’s a sweet girl and mature. I loved watching her on Dancing with the Stars!

  7. I believe this boy needs to be punished, how ever a 15 year old gets these days, a lot of his attitude is because he is nephew to Beyonce. He feels some what cocky, like he can do whatever he wants. The family needs to enlighten him. Let him know, where he actually came from, I see he’s got the blue eyes and nice hair, he’s feeling his aunts popularity.. which has nothing to do with him.. make him apologize and have him do community service. Otherwise he will continue his abuse and it will grow… like he will..

  8. He sounds ridiculous! First he claims she cheated on him, on the other hand says he got her addicted to him. Little boy if she was addicted to your sex she wouldn’t have cheated. Cannot have it both ways! More than likely she broke up with him and he’s salty about it. Meanwhile in reality he just released child porn while he’s being spiteful! He needs to pay dearly for that, trying to embarrass and ruin her career!

  9. No matter what they went through in the relationship he’s old enough to know better first and foremost he needs to think about the other people he’s hurting especially Beyoncé and her image he definitely needs to be taught a lesson with the law. Not only does he make her look bad but he makes himself look bad as well because people get to see his little yellow ass on video as well not a good decision you should never do that when you’re angry with someone it will definitely come back to haunt you. Keep it up young man you’re headed down the road of distruction

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