Wednesday, June 23, 2021

French Montana Tells Apple Music About His New Mixtape ‘CB5’ on Rap Life Radio

*French Montana joins Ebro Darden on the latest episode of Rap Life Radio to discuss his new mixtape CB5, his decision to get clean, ending his feud with Jim Jones, his relationship with Lil Durk, and more.

Here are some highlights:

French Montana Tells Apple Music About Getting Clean…

“Being rich and sick is not the vibe. Being sober is like the new high for me. My new thing is, you damn near poor if all you got is money. There’s a new thing I call the triple R: you gotta be rich in spirit, rich in health, and rich in money, man. That’s the real rich.”

“I was so dehydrated, and drinking because it was my birthday. I passed out and ended up in the ICU. It was the point where I was like, I got all this f*cking money, and I felt so sick going into my bed. I couldn’t even move. Something came over me, like right now, if you were to die, what did you do to prepare you for what’s coming? That’s when I took my life serious and began praying more.”

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French Montana - Rap Life Radio

French Montana Tells Apple Music About Ending His Feud With Jim Jones…

“Me and Jim and Max was caught up in this little turmoil for about 15 years. We missed out on a lot of money together. I think we owed that to the city, and to the people that are fans of both crews. Me and Jim never really had any altercations. Nobody died. So for us to keep it like that for no reasons all those years, I felt like we had to come to the conclusion of that.”

French Montana Tells Apple Music His Relationship With Lil Durk…

“Me and him did like 20 joints. We’re not putting out no collab tape, just making enough joints to pick from. I’ve known him over 10 years. When he got dropped from Def Jam, I just saw something crazy in him. When everybody had stepped off, I stepped in.”




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