Friday, July 1, 2022

Season 2 of ABC’s ‘For Life’: Pinnock and Bryant Talk Being Out of Prison, Becoming Grandparents and More

Chellz: Marie and Aaron…it’s season 2 on “For Life” (on ABC) and you guys are now grandparents! What can we expect from this new dynamic of your relationship?

Joy Bryant: “It’s everyone adjusting to Aaron’s life on the outside; obviously Aaron having been away and had his freedom taken away from him for damn near 9 years. Those of us on the outside, the daughter he left behind who is now a young woman who just gave birth to her child and also adjusting to life with Marie—what is that like after years of dreaming about this moment but also it being sort of complicated by a love triangle. It all kind of seemed theoretical when he was away but now… relationships are work. It’s not just ride off into the sunset or happily ever after, they are work.”

Chellz: What evolution we will see from Aaron in season 2 that we didn’t see in season 1?

Nicholas Pinnock: “In season one you mainly saw him as a prisoner. On the outside, just echoing what Joy said, you see more of the relationship with Marie; that’s the main new thread of Aaron that we explore and then him being a free man again and how he has to adapt to a world that he hasn’t known for the past nine years and how his prison life is still holding on to him somewhat. How do you move away from that? How do you really sever the cord and move forward? This, I think, will be the main thing about Aaron’s characteristics that are going to be explored in season 2.”

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Season 2 of For Life premieres on ABC on November 18 at 10|9c. New episodes stream the next day.





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