Friday, July 1, 2022

A Story That Needed to Be Told: 50 Cent Takes Us Inside Season 2 of ‘For Life’ / WATCH

*Award-winning hip-hop artist, actor and executive producer Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, is no stranger to telling the important stories with his multiple television projects. Recently, I spoke with Fifty as he shared why “For Life” is a must watch.

Chellz: What are you most excited about for Season 2?

50 Cent: I’m excited because we go through time periods of Isaac. The show is loosely based on Isaac Wright Jr’s life story as he was sentenced to 70 years plus life. The first person convicted under the Kingpin statute in the state of New Jersey and he represented himself in court. He ended up going to jail and becoming a prison rep, taking on cases that were similar to his case and coming back and getting himself out of jail. Its one of one –he’s a unicorn. When he told me the story he had an idea for a feature film and he told the story so vivid, I could see the story he was telling.

Chellz: Who’s idea was it for you to play your character? Did you throw that in there or did the writers say we need to add a little spice?

50 cent: Well with Hank (the writer), we talked about the dangers of maximum state prison. They put a lot of the danger in one character and I’m like its necessary for it to be there, for them to understand. Then you feel action that thriller energy.

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Executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, ABC’s “For Life” season 2 premiere happens on November 18 at 10|9c. New episodes stream the next day.




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