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Five of The Very Best Content Writing Platforms

african college students using tablet computer helps with writing skills and provides enhanced options for content creators.

*Nowadays, writing is one of the first skills that a person acquires from childhood. Even with the gradual obsolescence of handwriting, the writing itself has a stable daily presence.

Thus, now this skill might not be considered as something special. Though the ability to beautifully compose words into exciting content is something magical, and it should be shared with other people.

Do you want to share your writing with the world? Since you are reading this post, we are sure that you are. And we think that you are just lost because the Internet can offer you a lot of content writing platforms. 

Let’s take a look at our selection of platforms. Perhaps, you will find something that will interest you or some information that you can advise your friends on as well.


Tumblr, yes. We are sure that you know this platform very well. It’s a great place to share your artworks, photos, recent news, and anything you find interesting. You can create and design your page absolutely for free. In some moments, your post will be reflected in the global feed. Still, you can also use different hashtags to increase the probability of being seen (a lot of people follow hashtags alongside with pages). 

Tumblr has many pages that are posting prompts for writers from people who want to read a particular story, but either cannot write it on their own because of personal reasons or just want to enjoy another writer’s perspective. 

Log in, type hashtag #prompts, for example, choose anything you like, write, and post. Try it on!


Medium is an excellent minimalistic platform for writers. It’s very easy to start working with it: you either create a new profile or sign in with Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. In case if you are wondering: yes, Medium is totes free for everyone, but its features are also limited to its being free of charge. You can set your avatar and status and begin writing in a very few minutes in a convenient editor box. 

One thing you should remember about Medium: how do you see the post while working on it is how your readers will see it later. A simple editor feature will help you eliminate careless mistakes (red underline as in standard writing programs). Be sure to double-check your text’s visual appearance before you decide that it is ready for being published.

What else should you know about Medium? Your content can be shared with a local-global audience. It happens when the readers appreciate your post by clicking the “clap” button. The more people are interested, the more chances that Medium will choose your work for being featured as a top story on the website or in the daily digest they send to people subscribed for email notifications. 


WordPress is like Medium but for people who appreciate visual aesthetic as well as written content. It has a lot of free themes for your blog: 114 as for the time this post is being created, but they can add more when you decide to check the platform. With their WordPress block editor, you can create your custom page and fill it in with content. 

WordPress is not wholly free, but it has a free account for you to learn the platform and decide whether you like it or not. And they have very moderate pricing per month for personal use (other options are for entrepreneurs and freelancers and small businesses). 

Even if you decide to use WordPress for free, they will not leave you without community support. Just check their Support section where you can receive a lot of information on how to register and run your blog. 


Instagram is very good for microblogging (up to 2,200 character limit) and visual content to accompany your text. And it is as free as Instagram itself. The audience can be the main problem because you can find it difficult to gather a lot of subscribers at the beginning of your microblogging. Hashtags can help you, and so do special events popular Instagram bloggers are organizing.

But when you have your audience, popularity, and confidence in writing short but meaningful posts, you can start making money because different brands can recognize you as an influencer and ask you to create content for promoting their services and goods. Just be patient and remember that it won’t happen at once. 


Are you interested in making money on your content from the very beginning? Is this your dream work to be paid for content you write per different, interesting, and, sometimes, challenging instructions? Then you should check the essay writing service EssayPro. Platforms like this one are glad to help you use your writing skills for good and to pay you for being a professional content maker. From your side, you will be able to upgrade your abilities and help other people.

No matter which platform you are interested in, we congratulate you on your decision to work in writing direction or wish you good luck finding a place where you will be assisted (like PaperWriter) or find an interesting blog to read. 



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