Monday, March 8, 2021

Netflix’s New Comedy Mystery ‘Hubie Halloween’ (Watch)

*This year, an escaped criminal and a mysterious new neighbor have Salem, Massachusetts on high alert – in “Hubie Halloween.”

The Netflix mystery comedy debuting tomorrow stars Noah Schnapp, Paris Berelc and Karan Brar. EUR correspondent Fahnia Thomas talked to the co-stars about working with Adam Sandler, beauty sleep and Zoom Halloween parties.

FT: What was it like working with Mr. Sandler?

PB: Everyone had a great time on set, but he’s also a hard worker and includes everyone. If anyone has an idea he wants to hear it.

FT: Was there a specific idea either one of you pitched that made it to the film?

KB: I just wanted more shots of myself in the movie! Nothing really made the final cut. I did appreciate Adam being willing to work around it though [jokingly].

Hubie Halloween
Hubie Halloween
Paris Berelc as Jenna Gates Cr. Scott Yamano/NETFLIX © 2020

FT: Hubie has to find bravery…Where do you go when you need to find bravery?

NS: For me it’s just going to bed, sleeping and getting my rest.

FT: You get that beauty sleep! It’s mental sleep too. Good for you!

TM: Whenever I have to do something brave I always think of the phrase – face your fear and I just dive-in, no matter what it is. And then I brag about it later!

MR: Or you make the story much bigger than it was. Like, [boisterous] ‘I went in there, I was like YEAH! You know what! You can’t do that!’ And then you’re like, [dramatically] ‘he was scared so he ran!’ But really you just walked in and you were like, [meekly] ‘oh, do you mind closing the door.’

I just fake it till I make it. I pretend that I’m calm on the outside.

Hubie Halloween

FT: Are you dressing up for Halloween?

PB: I don’t know, but I have some ideas for costumes. I don’t know if I’ll have anywhere to go but I definitely have ideas. If anything, I’ll just dress up at my house and call it a day.

KB: Me and my friends are going to do the whole Zoom Halloween party thing and try to commit to dressing up. Personally, I’m just like that old guy that doesn’t like dressing up for Halloween but my friends are pushing me to do so.

“Hubie Halloween” starts streaming on Netflix October 7th.

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