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Pros and Cons of Moving to San Diego

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*San Diego, located on the pacific coast, is the 8th largest city in the United States. It is home to 1.4 million people.

A large proportion of its population is migrants from other states and cities, who come here to study or work. San Diego is said to be the birthplace of California, as European explorers first discovered San Diego.

If you are planning to move to San Diego, you must gather information about it, to make sure that you already know about the place. In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of San Diego.

Pros of San Diego:

  1. Climate

San Diego has a very pleasant climate. The summers are not too hot and humid, it is dry and warm in summers. Rainy showers occur in San Diego maximum for 2 weeks. Like summers, winters are not too cold here, it gets a bit cold in the evening, and that is also bearable.

  1. Education

San Diego is home to some of the best schools. 5 public schools of San Diego have made it to the list of top 30 schools in California. It also has the second-largest school in California. The elite schools in San Diego captivate a large number of students, and they move to California to pursue their higher studies. Moreover, San Diego can boast of the fact that a high percentage of people here are Bachelor’s degree holders.

  1. Employment

San Diego has a high employment rate. You can find the maximum number of employees working in- Tourism industry, technical field, scientific or professional field, etc. The University of California and health care companies are said to be the best employers in the city. Science managers, Chief executives, etc have got the title of best jobs in San Diego.

  1. Home-like and friendly environment

San Diego is an amazing place to live in and it is good for families as well. So if you have a family, you can move to San Diego along with them. There are plenty of places where you can go along with your family: the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego, Balboa Children’s Park, Children’s Museum, you can go to the beaches where you can sit and read a good article or enjoy with your family and friends, etc.

  1. The crime rate in San Diego

You would be surprised to know that the criminal rate of San Diego is very low. The security system here sets an example of security systems in other cities. It is considered to be one of the safest cities to live in California.

  1. Food and Craft Beer 

Since San Diego is located near Mexico, you can find a variety of Mexican dishes in San Diego. Along with this, at almost every corner of the city, you can find a place for amazing deals on food. The city has some astounding restaurants where you can dine in the evenings. San Diego is also known as America’s Craft beer capital. It has a large number of craft beer producers. Several breweries are ranked as the best breweries in the world. Craft beer attracts a large number of visitors to San Diego, and events like Beer week occur at regular intervals.

  1. Leisure time activities

There are plenty of things that you can do in your leisure time in San Diego. Events are organized here every week so you can enjoy the outdoors. San Diego has so many places where you can go and witness the culture of California. Also, you can go hiking and biking in San Diego in the mountains, beaches, and desert areas. Beach parties are among other events that you can enjoy here. Other destinations to spend your leisure time- Torrey Pines Hiking Trail and Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve.

Now as we have become familiar with the pros of moving to San Diego, let’s discuss the cons:

Cons of moving to San Diego

  1. Cost of living

San Diego is a very expensive city and it’s not affordable for all. The main factor behind the high cost of living in San Diego is the prices of houses. For instance, you may have to pay around $200 for a single room apartment. Apart from this, buying a house in San Diego might want you to shed approximately $800,000. Therefore, living in San Diego does cost a fortune.

Other factors that contribute to the high cost of living transportation expenses, grocery, etc, that have been on a constant rise for the last few years. However, you would be surprised to know that health care facilities are cheaper than the rest of America.

The high cost of living has contributed to the high poverty rates in San Diego. The poverty rate prevailing in San Diego is almost 13-14%. A large proportion of people living below the poverty line is constituted by the youth, the percentage of youth below the poverty line is almost 10-12% of the total population below the poverty line.

  1. Traffic

Public transportation is not fully developed like other metropolitan cities. Because of this reason, the maximum people in San Diego prefer to travel in their own car, which is the main reason behind the traffic conditions in San Diego. A large number of tourists in San Diego in summers make the traffic condition even worse.

  1. Sports

If you are fond of sports then you need to think twice before moving to San Diego as it does not offer many sports activities. Till now, San Diego has had only one official and professional sports team- The San Diego Padres. They are located at the Petco Park, in downtown San Diego. This a stadium adjoining many restaurants and bars, many activities and events are organized in this system.

  1. Parking

Finding a space to park your car can be a real struggle in San Diego since maximum households own cars. If you are living in the city, the situation can be worse as you may even be asked to pay a price for parking your car. You might wish to travel in public transport but for that, you need to spare at least 2 hours, where you can reach your destination within 30 minutes if you travel by car. The situation gets worse in summers when a large number of tourists travel to San Diego.






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