Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Big Baby! Humongous 6-Year-Old Footballer OVERPOWERS tiny Opponents in Viral Video / WATCH

Wait. First of all, it’s just straight up hard to believe that a child can be this huge and muscular at only 6 years of age!

Well, until we can find some proof that he ain’t we’ll just have to go along with the story.

We found out about this phenomenal youngster via a viral video of a *6U football team in Texas, where this abnormally large 6-year-old absolutely dominated his opponents.

As you can see in the video it’s shame on you if try and stop him. Check dude out as he delivers stiff-arms and Jim Browns his way to the end zone at the other end of the field.

Yes, we know. You’re wondering who the heck is this lil’ man-boy? Aiden Smith is his name, at the age of 6, he is already 5 feet 1 and 130 pounds. Good grief. Let that sink in.

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Aiden Smith - football - screenshot
Aiden Smith (Monster 6-year-old running back goes into beast mode!)

By the way, his father, Kirk Smith, played quarterback in his youth and is definitely enjoying all the attention his son is getting.

“But just to see him have the confidence and accolades that he’s getting right now, it’s absolutely amazing,” Kirk Smith told TMX News.

“This is something that he works on by himself, I just want to see that my son has the drive for the game, there’s no point in my pushing him if this is not what he wants.”

Aiden’s coach, Tony Davis, said he’s coached a lot of little boys before but that Aiden is the biggest one he’s ever worked with.

“His skills are amazing, he’s big, he’s fast,” Davis said. “… He’s super strong, when we practice and I work in with him, I have to really use my grown man strength sometimes to hold him off. He’s incredible on skills, the sky’s the limit for him in skills.”

*6U is is football designated for youth ages 6 our younger by 07-30-20. Oh yeah, there’s NOR weight restriction.



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