Saturday, March 6, 2021

VH1’s ‘Love & Listings’ is Back For Season 2 with Two New Cast Members: Maverick & Devon / VIDEO

*Vh1’s new hit showLove & Listings” is back for season 2 and there are new faces joining the cast. “Love & Listings” follows young and successful black professionals in the real estate industry.

The show showcases the ups and downs of dealing with a high-end clientele and the pressure of selling luxury homes. But this season, newcomers Maverick and Devon add a different element to the show. Maverick and Devon are brothers and cofounders of SocaLocations, which focuses on luxury vacation rentals and locations for film and TV shoots. 

It’s always exciting and refreshing to see black professionals in spaces we see mostly white men. It’s also inspiring to see us create our own lanes in those spaces, and that is exactly what Maverick and Devon have done. They both started in the entertainment industry when they were young. Devon was a model and Maverick was a child actor. As Maverick got older he stayed in the industry but was more behind the scenes and that’s where he discovered the need for his business skills.

“I did a lot of PA work and I just kind of shadowed the location guy. I thought his job was really interesting, and I was like well maybe I can do this,” says Maverick.

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maverick & devon
Maverick & Devon and EUR’s L.Marie

 Even though the brothers have been in the entertainment industry for years this is their first time as cast members on a reality TV show. With most reality shows, the drama is what drives it. Our correspondent L.Marie asked Maverick and Devon about their initial thoughts on joining the show.

“We didn’t know what to expect honestly,” says Devon. He also went on to say that of course they will show the business side but will also show their personal lives.

Everything is about balance though, we love to have fun. We’re not just the business guys,” says Maverick.

Seems like they live by the work-hard-play-hard motto. So, to see these men in action make sure to check out “Love & Listings” on VH1 every Monday at 9/8c.  



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