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Tanya Winfield on the Challenge of Winning Big by Losing Big – VIDEO

Tanya Winfield - fat-to-thick

*Almost anyone who has watched the OWN Network’s ‘Ready For Love’ (Season 2) and NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ (Season 15) has seen the bodies of Tanya Winfield, Brent Nahshon, and Darin ‘The Damn Trainer’ McClary.

Nahshon and McClary seemed to bedazzle the audience with their chiseled bodies as they entered a quest for love on the OWN network. On the other hand, Winfield impressed viewers of ‘The Biggest Loser’ by losing 90 pounds and winning them over.

During Season 15, Winfield’s emotional breakthrough with her trainer became known as “the most inspiring moment” in ‘The Biggest Loser’s’ history. Moreover, people connected to Winfield and she was often referred to as “the people’s champ.”

Winfield has teamed up with Nahshon and McClary so they can help others through a project they launched called the ‘Biggest Loser Challenge.’

I spoke with Winfield and Nahshon about the challenge they are actively involved in to help people to lose weight.

Winfield’s background is one of the driving forces in every endeavor she makes. She says that she “had a very rough childhood growing up.” Winfield says that she was a teenage mom.

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tanya wnfield - lose to win
She credits overcoming her early challenges, which included having an abusive mother to her grandmother.

“I had a grandmother that was so resilient and amazing like so many grandmothers and she really did give me a sense of self and a sense of ‘win’ is in my name…and so she always told me that…win is in your name you have no choice but to win. It’s part of who you are.”

Winfield says she “took those words to heart.” By the time she was 18, Winfield had begun a path to success, climbing the corporate ranks in Fortune 500 companies. Then in her early twenties, she began opening restaurants.

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Tanya Winfield - thick & hot

Winfield says that she had a “will to want to succeed” and that she built and “empire” that led to her earning her first million [dollars] by age 35.

“I became very successful and started winning at a young age.”

Her appearance on the ‘The Biggest Loser’ was yet another win because she beat out more than 250,000 other contestants and she became one of the six finalists. Still, Winfield says going on the show “was out of character” for her.

“That really was proof of my desperation at that time.”

“I had gained so much weight…and I was desperate. I needed help and ‘The Biggest Loser’…it saved my life…”

“I was always very confident in the areas of business…in the areas of…having a career and making money and things of that nature but I was really never confident in my physical self… did not know what I could achieve in my physical self so ‘The Biggest Loser’ for me was a stretch.”

Winfield always considered herself a private person, and never saw herself as an athlete, so she says going on national TV “to do something that amazing really took me out of my character.”

Winfield talks about how being on ‘The Biggest Loser’ helped her shed physical pounds and emotional “baggage” that she “didn’t even know [she] had.”

After being a contestant, she gave motivational speeches because she wanted to “help everyone.” People began asking her if she had something online that could help them, so Winfield set out to create a program.

She wanted a program that was “affordable that could impact the masses.” She also wanted to “create a program with a team of individuals with like-minded spirits…people that really wanted to help people win. People that wanted to help people live.”

Brent the body & darrin the trainer (screenshot)
Brent ‘The Body’ Nahshon & Darrin ‘The Damn Trainer’ McClary (screenshot)

When she met with Darin McClary and “Brent [Nahshon] from Oprah Winfrey’s show, ‘Ready to Love’ she realized that she had been “waiting on these guys.” After doing a lot of research and interviewing several people, Winfield established the ‘Biggest Loser Challenge’ with McClary and Nahshon. Together they provide an online program that includes workout videos at all levels that allow people to work out at the times that suit them best. There is a nutrition component and participants also have access to Winfield, McClary, and Nahshon via social media platforms as well as one-on-one consulting.

Winfield, McClary, and Nahshon decided to keep the challenge to 50 participants at a time, but expanded the program to others due to the COVID-19 crisis which prevents almost everyone from venturing out to a gym.

In my video interview (below), Winfield elaborates on the variety of success that participants have been experiencing. Going beyond weight loss, Winfield talks about what “blows [her] mind” with the health and family transformation the program is bringing about.

Both Winfield and Nahshon, who also interviewed with me, gave advice about coping through the current COVID crisis. One of the poignant points Winfield makes is how much “control” people actually do have during the crisis. Nahshon talks to people about self-reflection and visiting the “higher self.” They elaborate on these points and say it best in the video, so be sure to watch/listen in. Also, be sure to check out their fitness challenge at:

These are three people who have a mission to get people to lose so that those people can win big, physically and emotionally.

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J. Jermayne (@JJermayne Writes) is the author of 6 published books; 3 are sports themed. Jermayne freelance writes and travels to cover sports, entertainment and cultural events. 



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