Monday, January 25, 2021

L.A. Mayor Explains New Safer At Home Order: ‘This is on 10 million People to Self-enforce’

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (Getty)

*As has been reported, on Thursday evening, California’s governor, Gavin Newsome instituted a statewide stay at home order due to the expanding coronavirus crisis. That order, of course, covers ALL of the state’s cities including Los Angeles. So, for those in LA (and beyond) who are wondering exactly what that means in terms of enforcement, we’ve got some answers.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke with Deadline to explain the new “Safer at Home” order/policy.

“Today is a day that will be seared into the story and the streets of this city,” Garcetti said. “It will be a moment where everything changed.”

Even though he didn’t use the term “shelter-in-place,” which sounds restrictive, it’s basically the same policy that’s already in place in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“We’re really going to be reminding people, trying to supplement that on the streets, but this is not one where people are going to be marched into jails,” he sought to reassure Angelenos of the order that will take effect at midnight and last until at least April 19. “There are never going to be enough county or city workers to quote unquote enforce this. This is on 10 million people to self-enforce.”

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So far, the LAPD hasn’t gone into a heighten state yet, but the emergency order clearly says that “it is against the law to violate this Order, and you may be punished by a fine or imprisonment for doing so.”

“This is all about increasing social distancing,” Garcetti emphatically told views at a press conference Thursday announcing the new Safer at Home policy that bans any indoor meetings of more than 10 citizens as well as closing down most public and private spaces. from malls to clubs to playgrounds and the like.

“There are too many people who are in work situations, retail situations where they are coming into contact and the Public Health direction is this is where the spread can continue to be,” the Mayor added as L.A. County had its second death from COVID-19 and cases rose to 231 in the region.

“The only time you should leave your home is for essential activities and needs,” the Mayor stated. The City of Angels top elected official also asserted that city workers will take to the streets in coming days to “make sure that people are kind of maintaining that social distance, help supplement the public health professionals.”

According to guidelines posted at the city’s website, there are exceptions for healthcare facilities and workers, USPS, Amazon and Post notes delivery drivers, pharmacies, telecommunications workers, grocery stores, food banks, some schools, services for those with lesser financial resources, banks, outdoor farmer’s markets and gas stations, among others. Also, the LA City and LA County order allows restaurants to remain open with skeleton staffs … but for pick up only. Additionally, people will be able to travel to care “for children, elder adults, family, friends and people with disabilities.” according to the order.

You can get the rest of this story at Deadline.



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